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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 416

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Chapter 416

Was Patrick… afraid?! Even though he was a seasoned veteran who had seen action

countless times?!

The car continued to shake even as it sped forward, and both of them seemed to float

in their seats for a split second whenever it did.

Still, Cordy did not ask further questions and quickly took the phone off Patrick’s


When her fingers brushed against the back of his hand, Cord/s heart skipped a beat

when she felt that it was almost scalding.

However, she did not have time to think-she took the phone off his hands and asked

urgently, “Who should I call?”

“Ben Wick,” Patrick replied urgently.

Cordy quickly found the name Ben Wick on his contact list and pressed the dial.

As soon as she did, their car suddenly steered into a powerslide before screeching to

a stop.

Patrick’s phone slipped from Cordy’s fingers and landed on the floor beneath their

seat with a clatter.

At the same time, the chauffeur was crying out nervously,” Hold on, sir!”

There had been a semi driving straight for them from the opposite direction of the

junction. It was obvious the driver was rushing toward them and almost crashed

directly into them.

They would be mincemeat if it did.

Not daring to get distracted at all, the chauffeur avoided the semi before steering the

car in another direction and floored the gas pedal again.

Cordy undid her seatbelt and reached down to get Patrick’s phone.

However, the car was moving too quickly and she kept bumping everywhere, but with

some great effort, she eventually managed to dig the phone out from beneath their

seats. The instant she got it, however, the chauffeur suddenly slammed his foot on the

brakes, and she slammed directly into the car center console.


Patrick reached out to pull her back, though Cordy could only feel the world spinning

around her, and she was starting to blackout.

Though she could faint at any moment, she clenched her teeth and maintained her

consciousness, and she quickly returned to her seat.

She did not have time to care about her head splitting headache, and looked at the

phone-Ben had already answered the call, and she pressed the speakerphone button.

Patrick glanced at Cordy for a moment, before yelling into the phone, “Someone’s

trying to kill me! Bring all the men you can spare-l’m sending you my location! Make it


“Yes, Mr. Stuart!” the man on the other end promptly answered once he received

Patrick’s orders.

With that, Patrick panted as he told Cordy, “Send Ben our location right now. Just hold

on a little longer—he’lI think of a way to reach us.”

“Okay.” Cordy worked on the phone, while her body kept slamming left and right as

the car sped ahead.

Patrick suddenly reached out to her and helped her put her seatbelt back on with

every bit of strength he had.

Cordy did not have the time to thank him at all—she was busy keeping her balance,

and she sent Ben their location.

“Done!” she soon told Patrick.

Patrick nodded and asked the chauffeur, “How many cars are after us?”

“Three, sir!”

“Where are we right now?” Patrick pressed.

“The city outskirts, sir. They’ve cut off our routes elsewhere… ” the chauffeur replied,

still fully focused on driving and not daring to get distracted.

Patrick did not ask further questions after getting an answer either and turned toward

Cordy. He suddenly ripped a strip from his shirt, saying, “Put some pressure on your


It was only then that Cordy realized she had a cut on her forehead when she hit the


It was not surprising that she almost blacked out.

She took the strip of cloth from Patrick and pressed it firmly over her bleeding

forehead. “Thanks.”

“I should be apologizing, y’know,” Patrick said guiltily. “These people are after me, and

I had to drag you into this.”

Cordy shook her head. “Maybe they are, but they might be interested in getting me


In other words, she was being targeted to, even if she was not the primary target.

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