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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

After returning to the ballroom, Cordy and Patrick headed straight for the main


Somehow, Cordy had to admit that after a couple seemingly nonchalant rubs by John,

her ankle felt much better in contrast to the pain from the sprain earlier.

As such, she could walk much better now.

That was when Patrick made a joke. “I didn’t think you were that compliant, Ms.


Naturally, he was referring to her giving in to John’s insistence.

However, she was not being compliant or anything-she simply decided to leave and

therefore had no reason to drag her feet.

But before they could really leave, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere, greeting

Patrick respectfully. “Mr. Stuart, Mr. William Stuart would like to see you now. Could

you please come with me?”

Patrick narrowed his eyes at the thought of meeting the brother of his grandfather and

turned toward Cordy.

“I can leave on my own,” she said shortly. “Please arrange a chauffeur to send me to

the airport.”

Patrick hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

He would not try to stall when he did not stand to gain anything, and Cordy

understood that.

They were just ordinary partners in the first place and not that close where emotions

were involved.

‘Til have the chauffeur receive you at the entrance,” Patrick told her. “Travel safe.”

“Okay,” Cordy replied.

With that, Patrick made a phone call while he left with the man.

Cordy headed straight to the entrance in turn, but just as she stopped out, the guards

at the door intercepted her. “I’m sorry, but no one is to leave before the ball is over.”

Cord/s eyes narrowed. She had never heard about that!

Was there any social event where such a rule was imposed at all? Even if they were

abusing their authority, the Stuarts were too much!

“Please return to the ballroom. You will be allowed to leave when it is time.”

“Why?” Cordy could not help asking.

“There’s substantial information revealed at the ball that mustn’t be leaked ahead of

time. That’s why guests are not allowed to leave early.”

The security guard’s response was formal, and even if Cordy had no idea if that was

true, she just knew that she was not able to leave until Patrick was done on his end.

She returned to the ballroom to stand in a quiet corner, where the charity ball had

moved on to the auction.

She texted Patrick: [The guards aren’t letting me leave.]

Patrick’s reply only came ten minutes later. [Just wait. I’ll be there soon.]

Cordy hence remained in her corner and waited nonchalantly for Patrick.

Bored, she watched the auction, which has moved on to a ruby ring.

The emcee gave an elaborate description, saying that it was a relic from a medieval

noble-and one of its kind, making it a rare collectible.

And once the bidding started, everyone was eagerly bidding.

“Four hundred grand,” someone exclaimed, raising their auction paddle.

“Five hundred.”


“Six hundred.”

“Seven hundred.”

“Eight hundred.”

The bidding was relentless and rather fierce for the ruby ring, but Cordy was simply


She had managed to bid successfully for a diamond

necklace in the past, but it was because her mother mentioned that she liked it, and

she had the opportunity to secure it by chance.

In fact, she had kept it in her closet ever since she bought it and never wore it.

“A million!”

A familiar voice resounded among the crowd just then.

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