Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

James then reminded Jesssica, “We already have a backup plan, don’t we?”

Unable to argue, Jessica had to accept the situation as it was.

The only thing she could do was pray that Cordy was dead and that John would only

find a cold-dead corpse when he arrived.

The thought calmed Jessica a little!

John drove away from the building as soon as got out, and he kept calling Cordy

repeatedly, but she never answered.

He started to rush for the airport when he heard a violent collision along the road -he

promptly threw his phone away and rushed in that direction, and he saw Patrick’s car

being pursued by several other cars from a distance.

He floored the gas pedal and gave chase, but despite pushing the car to its top speed,

he could not catch up and had to follow Patrick’s car along the winding mountain road.

Then, he heard another deafening collision that seemed to resound over the horizon.

There were three cars up front, so he could not see what was happening up front.

His hands were shaking even as he held onto the steering wheel, and he soon heard

a more violent collision.

He floored the gas pedal again, but only arrived to see Patrick’s car lurching out of the

guard rail and tumbling down the slope.

No! From that height…

John’s face turned pale. He jammed his foot on the brake, stopping his car in the

middle of the road before he ran out and jumped over the guard rail.

He missed his footing, and caught off guard, he started to roll down the slope.

The three cars up front promptly left after seeing Patrick’s car crashing down, and

everything beneath the dark sky seemed to turn silent.

There were no sounds of any vehicles, let alone cries or collisions.

Meanwhile, John rolled down the slope for a long while and slammed into a boulder,

which finally stopped him.

However, he did not drag his feet and started to push himself off the ground, but when

he did, his vision started to turn dark. His feet in turn wobbled, and he dropped to one


Even so, he pushed himself up again at the shortest possible, using that brief moment

to let his body recover.

Once he did, he started to rush in the direction of the black

Rolls-Royce again, stumbling countless times on his way there through the bumpy


Eventually, he found the wreckage, and the car was in pieces.

Not daring to tarry, he rushed forward, intent on finding the people inside.

However, the skies were too dark, and the car was even darker for him to see.

Unable to find anything, he whipped out his phone and turned on the flashlight.

Somehow, he did not dare to shine it into the car.

He was very afraid of seeing a bloody puddle!

His eyes were red, but he eventually raised his phone to illuminate the interior of the

car, and immediately found Patrick and Cordy.

The car frame was dented badly and almost squeezed them, but the airbags had

deployed and almost completely covered them.

Even so, there was no telling if they were okay behind the airbags…

“Cordy,” John called out to her ever so tentatively then, as if afraid to wake her if he

was too loud.

However, God knew how much he wanted Cordy to open her eyes and answer him,

even if she would glare at him with loathing!

“Cordy…” he called out again, repeatedly.


‘Answer me.’

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