Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 421

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Chapter 421

John wrapped his arms tightly around Cordy and carried her out of the car, but she

was clenching her teeth while her whole body shook in pain.

There was something keeping her foot in place, and it hurt whenever John tried to pull

her out.

He actually was afraid of using his full strength too, in fear that she had suffered some

internal damage and that too much pressure would make it worse.

“Are you stuck?” he asked her very softly.

They were huddled together, so Cordy could hear his heavy breathing as well as his

racing heart.

There was no hiding his worry.

“My right leg…” she murmured.

John dropped to a crouch again to check and saw that it was stuck underneath the

front seat where the unconscious chauffeur remained.

He quickly smacked the man in the face-a far cry from how he was treating Cordy.

“Wake up,” he snapped at the same time.

The chauffeur had been out unconscious, but the external stimulus jolted him painfully

awake, i

The instant he came to, he quickly called out, “Mr. Stuart?”

“I’m fine,” Patrick replied.

Still, the chauffeur was not relaxing just yet.

He pulled at his seat belt by instinct, but it was stuck.

John did not have the time to care about the chauffeur’s survival, and he snapped at

the chauffeur anxiously, “Find a way to get up. Cordy’s foot is stuck under your seat.”

“Okay,” the chauffeur replied respectfully.

He actually was not your ordinary chauffeur-it would take more than average Joe to

get the job from a family like the Stuarts.

They also doubled as bodyguards, which was why the selection process was more

demanding than for a standard bodyguard. That was why a Staurt would always have

a chauffeur following whenever they left the house.

And at the moment, Patrick’s chauffeur calmly adjusted his posture before pushing

himself to his feet with every bit of strength he had.

As he did, John returned to Cordy’s side and pushed the seat upward with both

hands, using every bit of strength he had.

The instant it was lifted, he grunted almost unintelligibly from the exertion, “Get your

foot out…”

Cordy wanted to do it, but she could not feel her leg!

In fact, she was suddenly wondering if her leg was still there!

The thought left her sweating bullets, and it stung when it reached her exposed


“Hurry…” John urged at the same time.

He had been working as hard as he could tonight, and his strength was limited!

There was no way the chauffeur could hold on much longer after such a terrible car

crash either-if he could not hold on and dropped on the seat again, Cordy’s foot would

be stuck under the driver’s seat again!

Most importantly, the car was leaking gas, and it would blow up at any moment.

They could not afford to waste a single second!

Cordy knew that they were in danger too and tried to lift her leg with her hands, but

she was still stuck behind the airbag and could not even reach her leg!

“Calm down,” Patrick said just then.

He was actually being pushed to his limit too, but he kept himself conscious-because

he must.

Cordy took a deep breath then and closed her eyes.

She could hear John’s grunts of exertion and his panting while she worked hard to

calm herself.

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