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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

‘Please, give me something!’

Beside them, Patrick frowned and opened his eyes with considerable difficulty to see

the light.

The person carrying it was behind the light, and he therefore could not see who it was.

Those shaking hands, however, seemed to give him an answer immediately.

“John?” he called out feebly.

John gulped, but he could not say a word.

Patrick in turn tried to move, but he could not muster his strength at all.

At the same time, he was being squeezed against the car’s wreckage and could not

move at all.

“Cordy!” he called out loudly at the person beside him.

Cordy actually felt light, as if she was floating in the clouds, and she wondered if she

was already dead.

Surely one would only feel this light in the afterlife.

But at the next instant, she felt a cumbersome weight and slowly regained


Her head and the rest of the body hurt a lot, but she opened her eyes, looking blank

when she saw the light.

“Are you alright?” Patrick asked her nervously.

Cordy wanted to speak, but her throat hurt like hell.

She gulped, and it took her a while to squeeze a few words out. “I’m fine. What about


“Me too,” Patrick replied and gestured at the light with his head. “John is here, by the


Cordy looked blankly over, but she could not see anything because it was too dark in

that direction.

“I’m getting you out,” John said, his voice quiet and without emotion.

Cordy did not ask why he showed up there, because she was more concerned about

staying alive.

John then put down his phone and started pulling wildly at the door, which was dented

beyond recognition.

Unable to open it no matter what he did, he gritted his teeth and said, “Keep your

heads down. I’m going to break the glass.”

Most of the car’s windows were shattered, but there were still sharp shards that could

inflict serious damage still stuck on the door, preventing anyone from crawling out.

Cordy and Patrick lowered their heads as much as they could, and John quickly used

his elbow to shatter the large shards and swiped off the smaller shards from the car


Cordy seemed to see the cuts on his hand, but it was too dark to make it out.

John, however, was not saying a word, let alone wincing in pain.

“I’m pulling you out now,” John told Cordy after he cleared the window and extended a

hand to her.

She struggled to reach out from behind the airbag, and John soon got a firm hold on

her hand.

The instant their hands touched, their palms were soaked in blood-there was no telling

whose blood it was either.

John firmly pulled, but Cordy was not budging at all.

“I’m stuck. My seat belt is still on,” she told him.

John crawled in immediately and crouched beside her to pry off the airbag. He found

the seat belt button after much difficulty-only to find it locked tight.

As John firmly pulled at it, Patrick suddenly asked, Does anyone smell that?”

Cordy sniffed, and they were soon trading glances with each other before looking at

John, who was still working furiously to unlock the seat belt.

“It’s gasoline!” they cried out at the same time.

There must be a leakage from the car’s gas tanks!

And after it dropped from so high, the persistent friction would make the gas


John heard them and clenched his teeth.

Putting his back into it, he finally unlocked Cordy’s seat belt.

Because he had been pulling too hard on the belt as well, the sudden release sent

him off his feet.

The wreckage of the car creaked loudly, but John was back at Cordy’s side at the next

instant, holding her tightly and pulling her out from behind the airbag…

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