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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 422

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Chapter 422

As Cordy calmed down, she tried to move her leg and managed to do it so slightly.

Then, she clenched his teeth, and the car groaned as John abruptly released the

driver’s seat, allowing it to fall heavily.

At the same time, the chauffeur was panting.

Cordy’s heart was still racing—if she had been any slower, her leg would have been

crushed beneath the seat again.

She did not even want to imagine what would happen once the weight of the chair and

the chauffeur slam down on her foot!

However, the instant she heaved a sigh of relief, he saw that John’s hands were

caught beneath the driver’s seat.

It was too dark to see his face, but Cordy’s heart was racing as she cried out in shock,


She had no idea if he did not have the strength to get his hands out in time, or if John

wanted to use his hands as a buffer for her leg in case she had not gotten her legs


All she knew was that her vision was blurring, and she could not even see in front of


Nonetheless, John withstood the pain that cut into his bone without a sound and

rested for a couple seconds pushing the driver’s seat upwards again-with the

chauffeur still on it.

Adt the next instant, he managed to get his hands out, but he did not even stop to

check his injury, let alone the back of his hands that were now a bleeding mess.

Instead, he turned and carried Cordy in his arms again, and as she leaned against his

chest, all she could smell was the scent of sweat and the pungent smell of blood.

Pushing against the airbag, he managed to pull Cordy out from behind it and started

to crawl out through the car window frame. Then, he turned and carefully carried her

out as well, making sure that she was not getting cuts from the glass shards.

She had her arms around his neck, and after he managed to pull her out from the car,

he carried her a good distance away before gently putting her on the ground.

Dropping to a couch beside her, he started to check if she was injured and for

anything that needed treatment right away…

However, Cordy told him, “Patrick… He’s still in there.”

In other words, she was telling him to save Patrick too.

John’s fingers stiffened, but Cordy repeated herself determinedly, “Go help him.”

John gulped, but he ultimately turned around and headed back to the wreckage.

However, when he arrived, he clearly picked up a faint scent of something burning.

He dropped to a crouch and flashed his phone’s flashlight in that direction, and he

saw tiny wisps of smoke swirling

under the car already.

He did not hesitate to turn and leave.

Cordy saw him and quickly asked, “Where’s Patrick?”

“The car’s going to burn,” he said, scooping her off the ground right then and heading

further away. “We’ll all get killed if we stay.”

“John!” She cried in disbelief, as he was going to let a person die just like that…

No, it was two people! There was that chauffeur too!

“I’m not that noble. To me, both of us staying alive are enough-anyone else isn’t within

my consideration,” John replied coolly as he carried her away as fast as he could.

“Let me down!” she snapped right then, but he simply tightened his hold around her.

“Let me down right now, John Levine! I’ll save him if you wont!” she snarled—there

was no way she could behave as coldly as he did!

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