Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 423

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Chapter 423

Cordy bellowed furiously, “Let me go!

“Now’s not the time to get stubborn-argh!” John suddenly cried out in pain, as Cordy

had bitten down on his neck so strongly he flinched.

He did not release her, but she started to flail around violently in his arms.

The slope was already hard to stand on, and as she relentlessly thrashed about, both

of them ended up falling, though John quickly cushioned her fall and spared her from

getting hurt.

Regaining her freedom, she started to run toward the car wreck-it was all the more

reason forthem to save Patrick the more dire the situation was or he would be dead!

Cordy ran quickly, even though her right leg was seriously hurt and she had just

regained some of her feeling.

Even if the pain seemed to cut her into the heart, she did not stop at all.

“Cordy!” John dashed forward and caught her, holding her firmly in place and stopping

her from reaching the wreckage.


She suddenly wheeled on him and slapped him across the face!

Covered in blood, they were both battered and bruised, and there was no sign of her

hitting him even after she did it.

The crisp smack was deafening, however, and John was glaring at Cordy with bloodred eyes, his
Adam’s apple bobbing repeatedly as he repressed his rage.

Even so, she met his gaze and told him with no uncertainty,” I’d never just sit by and

watch someone die!”

“Even if you die?” he shot back.

“Yes! Or I’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life!” she snapped and shook his hand off.

She was very determined, and no one could stop her.

She started running again, but John caught her arm just as she was about to move.

“Don’t make me hate you any further, John!” she shrieked.

However, he said, ‘TH go.”

Cord/s heart skipped a beat as he said quietly, “I’ll help Patrick-you stay here. Don’t


With those words, John dashed toward the car in the darkness.

Cordy could not see anything, but she somehow also sensed his silhouette heading

into the distance.

It was blurred, yet grand… and she clenched her teeth.

This was not the time to feel sad or guilty-they had to save

Patrick, and that came before anything else.

She ultimately ignored John’s command and went to the wreckage anyway.

The scent of gasoline was thicker when John returned to the wreckage.

Inside, Patrick and his chauffeur were still doing their best to free themselves.

Patrick was actually surprised when he saw John return, but John did not even look

Patrick in the eye as he said flatly,” Cordy told me to save you.”

So… it was Cordy?

In reality, Patrick did not hold out hope that John would help, since the car would blow

up at any moment.

When it did, that would mean everyone would die.

If he were in John’s shoes, he would leave with no hesitation —he would never play

around when his own life was in the balance.

But Cordy was ultimately too kind for her own good.

Patrick actually felt his heart flutter, but he could not care less in the face of impending


He stayed calm and told John, “My seat belt is not budging, and my right side is stuck

behind the door. I can’t even move.”

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