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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 429

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Chapter 429

In the end, Cordy had to ask him.

John had been unbelievably nice, and that left her suspecting if she was somehow


Nonetheless, John chuckled so she could feel panic too.

Cordy had to avert her eyes in turn-somehow, that man’s smile was simply beautiful,

even if it was filled with cuts and bruises.

“Don’t worry, you’re not missing any limbs, though there’s a minor fracture on your

right foot,” John answered seriously then. “There are also plenty of cuts and bruises

all over your body, and you lost quite a lot of blood. The doctor assured me that you’ll

soon make a full recovery, regardless.”

“What about you?” Cordy asked, staring at him just then.

Sure, she was fine, but what about him? Was he hurt?

Even if he was not in the car when it crashed, he was definitely hurt when he rescued


She noticed that both his hands were bandaged, but he still took care of her, even

helping her drink.

“I’m fine,” he said flatly.

Cordy gulped.

There was so much she wanted to say, but she simply could not manage a word.

Moreover, she was too tired, and she did not have an ounce of strength to spare.

“Just lie down. I’ll get the oatmeal,” John said and left the room.

Cordy hence leaned against her pillow and studied the large room.

This was supposedly Rocktown, but where in Rocktown?

John’s private residence? Would Jessica show up, since she lived here?

Cordy pursed her lips and suddenly remembered Patrick.

What happened to him?

She certainly did not want him to die, not because life was precious, but also because

he was her stalwart shield, protecting her from Jessica.

So many things crossed her mind, and she reached out for her phone out of habit.

She then remembered it would be a pile of ashes inside the wreckage of Patrick’s car.

She sighed, and the door suddenly opened.

John entered with a bowl of oatmeal.

That was quick! He probably had it prepared beforehand and was just waiting for her

to wake up.

She felt a flutter over her chest, but she hid it well.

“The doctor has advised you to eat plain food after you wake up, along with some

minerals that would help you regain your strength. This explains the oatmeal—just

bear with it for now,” John said as he sat beside her.

He carefully scooped a spoonful and blew on it gently before holding it out at her lips.

She stared at the oatmeal for a moment before opening her mouth and eating it.

It was almost tasteless, but there was somehow a sweetness that unfurled in her


She had no appetite at first, but her taste buds somehow felt unfurled, and she kept

eating spoonful by spoonful as John kept feeding her.

Soon, she finished the entire bowl and actually craved more.

“Seconds?” John asked.

“Yeah,” she replied a little awkwardly.

John, however, shook his head. “But the doctor said that you shouldn’t eat too muchnot until you’re

Cordy glared at him-so he was messing with her?!

John smiled ever so faintly and patted her head with his large hand. “Be nice now. I’ll

make more for you later.”

Cordy ignored him, while he left with the bowl and spoon before returning.

Cordy then realized she had no idea how big this place was

and how many people were around.

She only saw John after she woke up.

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