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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 425

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Chapter 425

Cordy stood and stared blankly at the burning wreckage.

They were not getting out.

Why were they not getting out?!

In the wreckage, Patrick was astonished to find John returning a second time.

They could all get killed in an instant, but he came back anyway.

They were not that close enough to be that selfless-in short, John was doing this for


John really loved that woman—more than Patrick would give him credit for.

Meanwhile, the fire was growing, and the scalding heat could already be felt within the


“Don’t you fear death?” Patrick could not resist asking John just then.

John did not answer.

Patrick nodded knowingly in turn. “I guess it makes sense, since she would remember

you forever if you died for her sake.”

“I don’t need her to remember-l just don’t want her to be sad,” John snapped coolly

even as he panted. “There’s no time to check if there’s anything lodged in your body. I

have to open the door right now or we would all be dead.”

“Okay.” Patrick nodded—there were no other options anyway.

At the same time, the chauffeur who was up front managed to free himself from his


Like the others, he was battered and bleeding all over too.

“I’m out!” he cried-he did not run away despite the clear danger and instead asked

how he could help.

“Go outside and pull the door open!” John told him.

“Okay!” the chauffeur replied and slammed against his door, opening it before

scrambling outside to Patrick’s door.

The fire continued to spread and the chauffeur was singed, though he only put it out

when it actually hurt.

“The fire’s getting worse!” he cried anxiously. “We have to get out now!”

“Put both hands on the door and pull when I count to three. Get it?!” John told him


“Okay,” the chauffeur replied and quickly did so.

Inside, John aimed his foot squarely on the door and shouted, “Three, two, one!”

The chauffeur pulled as hard as he could while John kicked the door with every bit of

strength he had!

The whole car shook, but the door was not budging, keeping

Patrick firmly in place.

“Again!” John called out to the chauffeur. “Keep pulling unless I tell you to stop!”

“Okay!” The chauffeur replied, and pulled as hard as he could again while John kept

kicking at the door.

Soon, the fire spread into the car…

All Cordy could see was a blur, and the fire before her was blending.

She watched as the car shook violently amid the growing flames, but no one was

getting out.


Why were they still in there?!

She almost suffered a nervous breakdown just then.

It was she who told John to save Patrick and to do it while disregarding his own


If he was dead… she must go with him too.

But just as she put one foot out…


The car suddenly blew up, and Cordy was close enough to be struck by the

shockwave from the explosion, as well as the heat hitting her directly in the face,

knocking her off her feet!

“No!!!” she screamed, and she stared as the burning car was consumed by an inferno!

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