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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 424

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Chapter 424

Not many words were needed between both strong men.

John swiftly climbed into the car and pressed the seat belt button to unfasten it as

hard as he could, freeing Patrick.

Then, without delay, he promptly pushed against the car door, which had pinned

Patrick firmly in place.

However, the car frame was dented so much that Patrick’s body was virtually

embedded into the door, and he would have been minced if the airbags did not shield

his body.

“How is it?” Cordy was suddenly outside, asking John anxiously. “Can you get him


“Why did you come back?!” John bellowed, glowering.

But he never stopped shoving against the door.

He could not open it in case there was something sharp that had pierced Patrick’s

body. If he removed it, it might leave Patrick bleeding to death.

“I’ll help,” Cordy cried urgently then.

“No! Get out of here!” John snarled viciously at her.

“John!” she cried.

“No, you really should go,” Patrick urged her too. “I’m worried the man won’t help if

you don’t.”

Cordy gritted her teeth, but she quietly retreated without going too far.

She had this nagging worry that the car would suddenly catch fire.

She flinched from the thought, the sudden fear almost leaving her suffering a mental



That was not going to happen.

She stared fixedly at the spark beneath the car, which threatened to ignite.

No! She had to stop it!

Cordy did not even pause to think and took off her shoes, intent on snuffing out the



At that same instant, the spark ignited, and a fire broke out instantly!

The flames were blinding, while John, Patrick, and even the chauffeur could feel the

searing heat!

In the next instant, they saw the fire igniting around the car!


John was gradually prying the car door off Patrick, moving it very slowly since he was

afraid of using brute strength.

“I’ll try to put out the fire!” Cordy cried out urgently.

“It won’t work! Just go!”

“No! I can do it!” she insisted stubbornly-what would happen to the people in the car if

she actually left?!

“Just go!” John yelled. “I won’t save him if you don’t!”

“Fine, I’ll go! Just hurry!” Cordy agreed to it immediately, but she was lying to John,

still having every intention to put out the flames.

Once the fire started, everyone was going to die.

Unable to care less just then, she took off her gown just as John suddenly climbed out

of the car.

He promptly dashed toward her, dragging her off and stopping her from putting out the


“Let go! We can save him… John!”

She did not want to give up and to see a person being burned alive right in front of


John did not seem to hear her at all, however, and he kept dragging her until she was

at a safe distance.

Then, looking into her tearful eyes over her battered cheeks, he told her, “I’ll get him

out. Just wait for me!”

And with those words, Cordy watched as he turned and rushed back to the burning


As she watched his determined silhouette against the fiery light, she seemed to see

the same silhouette that was rushing toward her so determinedly during the night of

her wedding with Kyle.

It was John…

It had always been him.

But this time, he was going in the opposite direction and into the fire.

She raised her hand stiffly into the air, but only reached the hem of his sleeve.

She wanted to tell him to stop, but those words never came

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