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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 426

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Chapter 426

The inferno raged in the night, and Cordy’s whole body was shaking.

No… he was not dead! Not like that!

She rose to her feet but fell just as she did, her feet too weak to carry her.

She only wanted to go to John…

As such, she crawled over to the wreckage even as she felt as if she was crumbling

with despair inside, her heart aching so much she was unable to breathe…

That was when she seemed to see silhouettes suddenly appearing amid the flames,

dashing wildly in her direction.

They were all on fire and looked like they were going to be burned, but they were also

unquestionably alive.

John was still alive!

Still, after running and getting some distance between them and the burning

wreckage, they dropped to the ground and started rolling around, intent on putting out

the flames.

Cordy did not hesitate to throw herself on John, using her own body to put out every

flame over his body.

Eventually, they all managed to put out the fires, and only the wreckage was burning.

Still, they stayed on the ground for a breather and inhaled deeply, having just survived

a close shave with death.

John soon pushed himself off the ground. He wobbled a little but he did not fall, and

he merely paused for a moment before taking his charred jacket and threw it over

Cordy’s body, wrapping it around her.

She had taken off her gown in an attempt to put out the flames earlier, and she only

had her pinkish peach bra on with a tiny pair of shorts.

Cordy did not refuse and simply stared at him-for some reason, he seemed more hurt

than the rest of them even if he was not caught in the car crash.

“I think this is it,” Patrick suddenly groaned miserably in the darkness.

There was great anguish in his voice, as if he was at his limit.

John turned toward him. “Were you hurt in the organs?”

They were pressed for time just now, and John had basically broken the door since he

could not care any less at that point.

If they got out a moment later, they would all have been killed in the fire.

“N-No…” Patrick was heaving, his voice exceedingly hoarse.

John frowned, realizing something funny was going on with the man just then.

He walked over to look.

Aside from being battered and bruised, he saw that Patrick’s breathing was rushed

and his skin surprisingly flushed.

He then put a palm on Patrick’s forehead.

He had been too focused on saving Patrick to notice anything else. Regardless, he

immediately realized what was happening right after he touched the man.

Beside him, Cordy suddenly said, “It started kicking in when they started chasing us.”

It only confirmed John’s hunch, but he was also impressed Patrick had survived now

—once that stuff kicked in, it would last for a while, and the victim would gradually lose


She was on the receiving end once, and could therefore empathize.

Cordy withstood her injury and walked closer to Patrick just then, intending on finding

out how long he would last, or if they could afford to wait.

However, she had barely moved when John suddenly pulled her back into his arms,

staring icily at Patrick, who was clenching his fist while his whole body stiffened in


“John…” She struggled against his hold.

“You can do anything you want, but not this!” he growled very clearly into her ear. “Kill

me if you want or hate me for it, but I’m not letting you tend to Patrick’s carnal needs!

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