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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 432

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Chapter 432

Cordy nodded, agreeing with John’s take.

He was still watching her and solemnly giving her his analysis. “In summary, William

has two key individuals he needs to deal with before his rise to power: Patrick and

myself. However, he has labeled Patrick as a hostile that needs to be eliminated,

while using every method at his disposal to attempt luring me to his cause. And for

them, the only issue with that is you, which is why there’s no doubt that they would

come after you.”

Cordy blinked but did not respond.

John then continued. “When you showed up at that charity ball with Patrick, it meant

that they could make one move while gaining twice the rewards. They were never

going to let that chance slip.”

“In reality, I’m not that formidable that I can fully read their mind, and everything I’ve

mentioned is my supposition along with some after-action observation. I’m not

clairvoyant-1 can’t protect you even before something happens, and it’s not until the

last moment that I realized the Stuarts could just manufacture a car accident to

eliminate you and Patrick at once.”

John gulped even as he remembered the horrors of that other night.

A little mishap, and Cordy would be in pieces now.

“That’s why I tried to stop you from coming to Rocktown. If you never came, the

Stuarts might’ve only contemplated making a move against Patrick, but it’s a certainty

when you’re there. No one ever denies themselves the pleasure of killing two birds

with one stone-especially not the Stuarts, who are shrewd to the very end.”

Cordy was silent.

She actually had a hunch that things would get dangerous if she came to Rocktown,

which was why she had insisted on leaving the charity ball early with Patrick.

Like John had said, none of them were clairvoyant, and they could never predict what

the Stuarts would do to hurt them.

The only option was to keep going forward.

After all, she was not being petty against John when she chose to come despite

knowing the dangers. She had certainly made it clear that she had no choice-William’s

side of the family wanted her gone, and she had no way to go except forward.

For that, she needed a shield in Patrick. She therefore had to prioritize their

partnership, and if her business failed, she would be of worthless to Patrick.

And she knew all too well that their partnership would go up in smoke once one side

became worthless.

Be that as it may, she did not explain that to John.

At the moment, she did not know what their relationship was because sentiment was

not everything-there were pros and cons to consider, along with certain questions.

Were they friends or foes?

What did John think of William’s side of the family?

Maybe he was just fiddling while Rome burned-he would wait until one between

William and Monty emerged victorious before making his choice.

That was not the case for Cordy, who had already taken Monty’s side, betting every

chip she had in the process.

As such, she was left feeling a mess of emotions.

She suffered much misfortune before-her mother’s early passing, his father and her

family’s apathy and abuse toward her, and her boyfriend’s duplicity.

Those were painful experiences, but that was all-she weathered through them by

herself, either enduring it or fighting back.

But now, for the first time, she was at a loss. She simply had no idea what was going

to happen.

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