Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 433

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Chapter 433

Cordy suddenly asked, “How’s Patrick?”

There were many things she did not understand, so she was not going to rack her

brains for nothing.

The only thing she knew for a fact was that right now, she and Patrick were on the

same side.

“He’s not dead,” John replied without further elaboration.

“Could I borrow your phone to give him a call?” she asked him politely then.

John did not agree to it-it was clear that he was still hostile toward the man.

That only begged the question further: what on earth was the relationship and

standpoint between her and him?!

Cordy did not get pushy, however, and calmly said, “Fine. I’m just going to lie down


“You knew about his… taste?” John suddenly asked.

“Yeah,” Cordy said, not bothered to hide it.

In fact, Patrick gave her compromising photos of himself with other men back when he

first visited her in her office.

That was why she trusted him more than most and even had absolute faith in him.

The ensuing controversy those photos could cause would be too much for any public

figure, and if she decided to expose Patrick, everything would be over for


His absolute sincerity granted her a thorough sense of security.

“Don’t take too long,” John suddenly told her.

Cordy was surprised as he held out his phone to her-he looked positively upset with

the idea a moment ago, but he was now so easygoing about it.

The man’s thought process was truly an enigma, though she chose to not care most

of the time.

As a gesture of respect, John left the room after handing her his phone. 1

Having committed Patrick’s number to memory, Cordy called him.


The tone on the end was casual, and Patrick somehow knew it was her even though

this was not her number.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Cordy replied.

“I knew you’d call me once you wake up,” Patrick said, chuckling. “How are you

doing? Is John taking care of you?”

“I’m fine. Not missing any limbs.”

“Me too,” he replied. “Though I’m bedridden for the next couple weeks.”

“Same, to be honest.”

After exchanging details about their respective physical conditions, Patrick’s tone

changed. “Is your line secure?”


“It seems that you still trust John,” he said, teasing her for being able to say that while

in John’s turf.

Cordy pursed her lips, but if she was to be honest, she blurted that since she did not

expect John to spy on her.

“To be fair, I don’t consider him that sort of person either,” Patrick said nonchalantly.

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