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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 436

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Chapter 436

In fact, one might even describe it as water under the bridge.

After all, Jessica had invested a fortune on Noel, so there was no way she would just

let Noel enjoy all the perks for free.

In fact, the moment Noel accepted Jessica’s grace was the moment her nightmare


Nonetheless, Cordy felt no sympathy as she lowered her phone.

Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared over my head.

She recognized who it was coupled with that scent-John had been staying with her for

days, staying just next door.

Despite the announcement of his wedding date, the man was staying away from his


Cordy could scarcely imagine how crazy Jessica was right about now.

“It’s lunch time,” John told her mildly.

Surprisingly, they had been getting along well over the last few days-no

confrontations, but no flirting either.

They were just friends, with neither crossing the line.

Cordy followed John through the living room and had lunch with him.

Through it all, his phone was ringing repeatedly.

“You should answer that,” Cordy told him.

It was all too obvious that it had been Jessica calling him, as she had done every day

since Cordy was brought here.

Jessica was even smart about it, as she would only call John during mealtimes. She

knew very well that if Cordy was with John, they would definitely be eating together,

and she did it just so that Cordy would know.

On Cordy’s part, she really wanted to tell Jessica that she did not have to go that far—

whatever it was between her and John did not actually affect Cordy that much.

Still, John got up to answer the call.

He was not that far away, but his voice was quiet.

Still, Cordy was not actually interested in eavesdropping on their conversation, since it

would definitely just be a couple’s customary greeting.

John eventually returned after hanging up, staying silent for a long while before

saying, “I’ll be leaving later. I won’t be coming home for dinner.”

“Okay,” Cordy replied.

“I’ll prepare dinner beforehand.”

“You don’t have to. Your cooking isn’t that good anyway,” she told him bluntly,

especially since he had been cooking for her for days, and all three meals at that.

He certainly was enthusiastic if nothing else.

As John stared at her, she added flatly, “I’d like to eat something else for once. Aren’t

there other chefs in this mansion?”

“There are,” John replied.

Then, he added, “I understand.”

With that, silence ensued between them, and Cordy could actually feel John’s


She actually felt grateful, even emotional toward John for saving her life.

However, things were just too awkward given their respective statuses at the moment.

Nonetheless, John left in the afternoon, and he was dressed rather formally.

Cordy supposed that it was some formal dinner.

She ate alone since he was not around for dinner.

Finally, she was not eating John’s cooking.

Although the food was not bad, it somehow felt as if… something was lacking.

That was why a person must never get used to routines, or they would grow

dependent on it.

As she took her time to eat, her phone screen suddenly flashed, and she saw a

WhatsApp message sent from


There was no text, just a photo of Jessica leaning on John’s shoulder, looking utterly


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