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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 437

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Chapter 437

Cordy only spared it a single glance before putting down her phone, along with her


“Do you not like the dish, Ms. Sachs?” the chef asked nervously just then.

“No, I just feel a little sick,” Cordy smiled faintly—the food was not bad at all, but the

psychosomatic effect had already kicked in.

“Should I ask the doctor to give you another checkup?” the chef suggested.

“No, it’s fine.”

The doctor had left days ago, since she was healthy aside from her broken leg.


“Just go about your usual work. Don’t mind me,” Cordy said, rising to her feet and

heading out of the mansion on her crutches.

In the end, she was feeling annoyed.

There were times when one could lie to everyone, but not themselves.

Her phone suddenly started to ring just then, and upon seeing who it was, she took a

deep breath and forced a smile as she greeted, “Zoe.”

“Are you still in Rocktown?” Zoe asked.

“Yeah. Is something the matter?”

“No, I was just thinking about inviting you and Quinn over to try my cooking, since I’m

quite sure that my cooking is getting better now. You two would give me some proper

reviews, too, whereas Bob would say it’s good no matter how I did. It’s obvious he’s

making light of me, and I would really like to know the true extent of my abilities.”

Despite Zoe’s complaints about Bob, it was not hard to hear the bliss in her tone.

Cordy smiled faintly in turn. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t think I’m coming back

anytime soon.”

“Wait, are you really dating Patrick? Are you at his home right now? Cohabiting,


Zoe was thrilled, clearly having read the news as well, even texting Cordy earlier to

ask about it.

Cordy did not answer, since things were too complicated to be explained in a couple

words, and this situation was unavoidable anyway.

“Are you really giving up on my cousin-1 mean, John?” Zoe then asked.

“The man abandoned you and you’re still speaking up for him?” Cordy could not help


“Honestly, that doesn’t really count given his situation. He had to choose his aunt,”

Zoe said, kind as ever and

constantly being considerate toward others. “The Levines value family above all else,

so there’s no stopping family influence.”

She certainly had insight.

Still, she was soon asking agitatedly, “Hold on-we weren’t talking about me! Come on,

are you seriously dating Patrick? Or are you compelled to, so that Jessica can’t

harass you?”

“There’s nothing between me and Patrick. It’s just the usual rumor and speculationneither of us can
explain ourselves either, since it’d be inconvenient for us right now.”

“I knew it. There’s no way you’d rebound so quickly.” Zoe giggled.

“Hey. Patrick doesn’t count as a rebound even if I were really dating him,” Cordy

corrected her.

“Fine, it’s dear John’s fault for turning away from you. That said, Cordy, I have this

feeling that you really shouldn’t give up until John really marries Jessica. It doesn’t

matter what elaborate tricks she would play-he’d never really marry her.”

In the end, Zoe was still defending John.

There were times when Cordy had to wonder what virtue John had that a cold man

like him would have Zoe’s eternal loyalty.

“Fine, I’d stop talking since I know it upsets you-hell, it upsets me seeing Jessica

clinging to John every day in the news,” Zoe rambled on, but she suddenly turned

serious.” Cordy. Do you think Bob and I can…”

She suddenly paused, and Cordy was actually curious what Zoe was too

embarrassed to say.

Still, she waited silently until Zoe inhaled sharply, and asked, “Do you think Bob and I

should do the deed?”

“What, you haven’t yet?” Cordy asked in return, though she soon realized that

something was awkward about that question once she asked it.

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