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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 440

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Chapter 440

As they ate, one of the servants walked up to John and asked respectfully, “Mr.

Levine, you were saying to throw away that set of formal wear last night?”

He was probably uncertain since John’s clothing was worth a fortune, and they would

never afford to pay the compensation if they were to throw it away by mistake.

“Yeah.” John nodded.

The servant certainly had more to say, but considering that they did not know what it

was like to be rich, he replied politely, “Yes, Mr. Levine.”

With that, he left.

Cordy watched as he left before glancing at John.

“Actually, you could just send me back to North City,” Cordy suddenly said, since she

did not believe that he was happier with her around.

Being sandwiched between two women would only make one infuriated.

Nonetheless, John refused her immediately. “I’d be more at ease with you beside me.”

“And how long do you intend to keep me here?”

“Well see.” John refused to give a definitive answer.

Cordy bit her lip but ultimately refrained from asking.

She was convinced that he would at least release her when the date of his wedding

day with Jessica arrived in the next month.

Meanwhile, in North City, Zoe was dressed in a black babydoll.

She went out of her way to buy it, picking the skimpiest nightgown after choosing a

long while.

Still, she was clearly shuddering as she checked her reflection in the mirror-not from

the cold, but from nerves.

She had no idea what she was nervous about either, since she had gone through

pretty much everything as an actress.

This time, she was just going to celebrate Bob’s birthday, and then present herself as

his gift.

Nothing could be easier, just as there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

She was convinced that Bob would probably be unable to hold back if he saw her

dressing up in such fashion!

That was when her phone rang, and Zoe’s heart skipped a beat.

Seeing that it was Bob, her smile grew wider and she asked,” Are you coming now?”

It was 5 PM, and he previously agreed to come at 6 PM.

Even if it was his birthday, he still had to mingle with his extended family earlier that

day, since he insisted on not holding a formal celebration. There would be a small

gathering of relatives and friends, and he would hurry over after.

Or that was what he said.

Still, Bob had always been enthusiastic as far as she was concerned, so she expected

he would come early, and therefore prepared everything ahead of time.

Nonetheless, Bob was apologizing over the phone. “Sorry, Zoe, but I think I’m going to

be late tonight. Sam is refusing to let me go and insists on spending the night drinking

with me. I’ve tried to turn him down, but he’s just being stubborn, saying that he’d

come with me to see you otherwise. But honestly, I don’t want him disturbing us, so I’ll

come over once I get him drunk.”

“Okay.” Zoe was slightly disappointed since she had prepared elaborately for the

night. Still, she understood Sam and the others would want to keep Bob with themthey were very close
since they grew up together, and it was rare for such friendship

to last this long. “It’s fine. Just come by later. I’ll be waiting.”

“I’ll come over as soon as I can.”

Zoe laughed. “There’s no hurry. The night is still young.”

Bob obviously caught the hint, and he actually had some plans for the night anyway.

“Could you wipe that dirty smile off your face?” Sam snapped at him, suddenly

appearing before him.

Bob rolled his eyes and told Zoe, “See you later.”


The smile never left Bob’s face even after he hung up-it was difficult to keep a straight

face when he was in such a pleasant mood.

“Talked to your girl already?” Sam asked. “We’re having dinner at your place and then

having more drinks later.”

“Yeah.” Bob replied.

“Wait, she doesn’t mind?” Sam was a little surprised.

“I told you. She’s the best,” Bob grinned smugly.

“I doubt it. Do you believe this guy, Jay?” Sam turned toward Jay then while trying to

goad Bob. “I mean, I wouldn’t unless you bring her along to meet us.”

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