Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 441

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Chapter 441

Bob was about to argue with Sam when Jay suddenly said, “I do. I believe Bob.”

Bob naturally knew that Sam wanted to goad him into bringing Zoe along to meet


They had been dating for months, but he never brought her along to meet his best


There were times when Sam pressured him so much he would give in, but Zoe would

say no whenever he asked.

He knew Zoe did not feel safe after the trouble between her and the Levines, and no

one was aware that they were dating, save for Zoe’s best friends Cordy and Quinn.

Moreover, Zoe was worried that the Levines would harass Bob if too many people

knew, and she definitely did not want that, insisting that she knew Nancy Levine too


It would take some time for Nancy’s rage to ease, until she would not go out of her

way to harass Zoe-only then could they be together without any issues.

Naturally, Bob respected Zoe’s decision, though it was more apt to say that Zoe

mattered more to him than his friends.

That was why he would never breathe a word no matter how Sam threatened him.

Nonetheless, Sam was shocked by Jay’s reaction. “Hold on. You know Bob’s


He was not the only one who had not met the lady, was he?!

He hung out with Bob the most… only for Bob to tell everyone except him?!

What, was Bob so worried that he would lay a finger on a brothers’ wife too?!

Still, just as Sam was getting incensed, Jay answered, “I don’t know her, but I have a

good feeling about her.”

“Pfft.” Sam snorted in disdain-a good feeling when they had not even met yet?!

A servant approached them respectfully then. “Mr. Davis? Your parents are saying

that dinner will start soon, and you should greet the guests at the lobby.”

“Okay,” Bob said, since he had been hanging out with Sam and Jay in the third-floor

arcade. “You two wait here. I’m going to greet my guests.”

“Let’s just go together. This place is no fun anyway.”


The trio headed downstairs-there were not that many guests today, aside from close

family and friends.

Things were a lot less formal… up to a point.

When Bob and the others reached the lobby, they found Nancy there with a shylooking girl who
resembled Zoe a lot.

They presumed that it was Cora Levine, Nancy’s long-lost biological daughter.

The trio was surpassed by their arrival now, instead of noon.

But there was nothing that surprising either, since Nancy was very close friends with

Yulia Young, Bob’s mother.

“Bobby, over here,” Yulia called out just then.

Bob hurried over to her, with Sam and Jay in tow.

“Your Aunt Nancy is here. Aren’t you going to greet her?” Yulia gestured.

“Hello, Aunt Nancy,” Bob greeted her politely, despite his misgivings about the woman,

especially how cruel she was toward Zoe.

However, he owed her some respect for his mother’s sake.

When it came to people of their birthright, they had to show their parents all due

respect-even if they behaved poorly or did not bother to work in private.

It was not coercion either, but the influence of family indoctrinated discipline.

“This is Cora, Nancy’s daughter. She’s two years younger than you,” Yulia introduced

her eagerly just then.

Bob glanced at the woman, who looked just like Zoe.

And yet, there were so many things that set them apart. “Hello,” Bob greeted her


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