Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 443

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Chapter 443

After dinner, Bob hurriedly left with Sam and Jay.

He had always celebrated his birthday that way-he would accompany his parents and

elders at home and eat with them in the morning, while it was his time after dinner.

They were about to leave Davis Villa when Yulia suddenly stopped him.

“Bob,” Yulia said. “Bring Cora along.”

“How can I enjoy myself if I bring her along?” Bob became quite displeased.

“You can have a great time just the same. She can join you.”

“But we’re all men…”

“So, I asked Cora to keep an eye on you,” Yulia said overbearingly. “In short, I’ll leave

her in your care.”

“Why me?” Bob was infuriated. “Jay is the closest to her among the three of us. He’s

her uncle. You should leave her in Jay’s care instead.”

Jay glanced at Bob-the latter was good at shirking his responsibility.

“I don’t care who’s in charge. In short, you guys have to take care of her. Nancy and I

want to play poker at home, so you’ve got to keep an eye on her. If anything happens,


beat you to death when you’re back,” Yulia said, threatening them.

After that, she did not give Bob any chance to refuse before she placed Cora in their

care and left.

The three of them and Cora were the only ones left after Yulia had left.

Appearing very timid, Cora lowered her head in slight anxiety and did not dare to

voice out.

Bob was rendered speechless.

When he was about to compromise, Jay suddenly suggested, “Bob, Sam, you guys

can go first. I’ll give Cora a ride.”

Bob looked at Jay with his eyes widened.

They were buddies for so many years, so they had some kind of tacit understanding.

He naturally knew that Jay wanted to see Cora off.

Bob punched Jay jokingly and soon broke into a joyful smile.

“Well, I’ll wait for you.”


Bob and Sam left first.

Jay then said to Cora, “Let’s go.”


She followed him into his car, and it was very quiet in the car. Cora had wanted to

speak up several times, but she did not know what to say.

“I’ll give you a ride home,” Jay spoke out of his initiative.” The games we enjoy won’t

be suitable for you.”

Cora soon appeared slightly disappointed, and she bit her lip tightly. She questioned

after a long while, “Uncle Jay, do you hate me very much?”

Jay tightened his grip around the steering wheel.

“I saw you badly injured for Zoe’s sake that day, and you even left the Levine family

because of her…”

“No, I don’t hate you.” Jay interrupted her coldly.

“Do you think that I shouldn’t return to the Levine family?”

“You’re Nancy’s daughter as well as a member of the Levine family. So, there’s no

such thing as that.”

“But you make me feel as if I’m back to snatch Zoe’s things,” Cora said in slight

sadness. “I don’t want to be substituted by others if I had a choice. I would like to stay

in the Levine family forever, and not experience the kind of pain my original family

caused me which frightens me every time I recall it…”

“You don’t have to explain it to me.” Jay tightened his grasp around the steering wheel

even more.

Cora was afraid of that family even in her remembrance, but it was now Zoe who had

to suffer through that.

“I’m not a member of the Levine family, and I don’t have any influence over them. So,

you don’t have to care about my

thoughts, and you don’t have to please me deliberately.” Jay made himself clear.

Cora bit her lips hard. Naturally, she could discern his resistance toward her.

They fell silent again before Cora summoned her courage and said, “Could you stop

by the road for a while?”

Jay knitted his brow.

However, he still stopped the car by the road.

“I’d like to get an apple pie,” Cora said. “My family was poor when I was young. The

only thing I looked forward to was my foster mother bringing home an apple pie every

night after work.”

Jay instinctively wanted to wait for her in the car.

He suddenly looked out of the car window. This was the place where Zoe had had a

meal before.

She came out at midnight in the cold winter for an apple pie, and he yearned to know

what it tasted like.

“I’ll go and get a takeout…” Cora was afraid of delaying him.

“I’ll eat with you,” Jay added out of the blue. Cora was overwhelmed by his favor.

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