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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 442

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Chapter 442

Cora appeared a little shy. “Hello.”

It had been months since she was brought to the Levine family, but she still could not

get used to life in high society. She was always apprehensive about everything, which

made her appear confident.

Like right now-after greeting Bob, she said nothing else, leaving an awkwardness in

the air.

“Oh, you.” Yulia smartly tried to smooth things over. “Aren’t you usually talkative?

You’re mute as soon as you see a pretty face, huh?”

Bob was going to argue, but Nancy already spoke. “Sorry. I’ve been overprotective of

Cora and haven’t brought her out of the house much. I guess that made her a little


“Oh, just bring her along whenever. Bob’s never busy, so he can hang out with her.”

“What do you mean, I’m never busy? I’m always busy, y’know, ” Bob argued.

“Busy with what? Drinking yourself silly?” Yulia snapped, denying him even dignity.

Since there was no chance of Bob arguing in front of so many people, Nancy quickly

said, “Well, Bobby, I’m counting on you to take care of Cora now.”

Bob did not say yes, and that earned him a smack from his mom.

“Fine,” he growled reluctantly.

Sam and Jay were watching nearby, and they traded glances just then.

They could clearly tell that an arranged marriage was in the works!

“By the way, Nancy-1 heard Cora is starting her career in showbiz?” Yulia said then,

switching to yet another topic.

“Yes,” Nancy replied. “I just went with her for her audition today, or we wouldn’t have

come this late.”

“Did things go well?”

“Quite. There won’t be many issues,” Nancy said.

“Well, of course. They’d have to be more considerate with you around,” Yulia joked,

though Nancy did not argue.

Suddenly, she turned toward Jay and asked, “Jay, you’ve been in showbiz for a while.

What do you think of Kermit Wadle?”

“As a director, he’s one of the rare few who keeps a low profile but shows consistent

excellence. Anyone working on his films would easily make a breakthrough,” Jay said,

giving an earnest appraisal.

“That’s great,” Nancy said, sounding genuinely concerned. “I was worried he isn’t

famous, and Cora wouldn’t be able to develop her career well.”

Jay pursed his lips—when Zoe was still Nancy’s daughter,

Nancy never showed any concern about Zoe’s showbiz career.

She had to carve a path to success for herself, building her career with her own blood

and sweat.

And now, it was all taken away from her.

Nancy was certainly unfamiliar with showbiz and continued to ask Jay, “Kermit

actually mentioned that Cora should take a supporting role to start her career instead.

He was saying that taking a lead role immediately would be adverse to her reputation

and development since she might not be able to succeed in such an important role. Is

that true?”

“Yes, that would be ideal for her career’s development.” Jay nodded.

Despite all the exchanges, he was distant.

“Do you have any projects on hand? Try to save Cora a role if you find anything that

suits her,” Nancy then said, as if it was only natural.

Jay did not agree to it and simply gave the usual nonresponse by not saying no.

Even so, he would never show Cora favoritism.

“Jay, you really shouldn’t keep arguing with your dad. It’s been a while, and he has

since cooled down-he just can’t bring himself to ask you back out of pride. Just come

back anytime you want. We’ve saved your room for you.”

Suddenly, Nancy seemed interested in mediating, but Jay coolly replied, “It’s my own

issue. I’ll handle it myself.”

Nancy naturally did not speak further-it was hardly ideal to speak of one’s own family’s

affairs at someone else’s birthday celebration.

With that, the group had awesome small talk before taking their seats at the dining


Cora was arranged to sit next to Bob.

Even if Bob never looked right at her, both Jay and Sam could already tell that Cora

was interested in him.

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