Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 444

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Chapter 444

Cora then saw that Jay had gotten out of the car.

She followed him and sat in front of the food stall.

Those who got into the upper class of the society would realize that everyone around

them were very exceptional, with Jay being an example.

He just sat in front of the food stall to wait for his apple pie, but many passers-by could

not help but look at him.

Even though he was not considered very outstanding in their circle, he was

exceptional in the world of ordinary people.

Each of them ordered an apple pie respectively.

Jay took a bite, but he found it too sweet-he did not like desserts very much.

“Is it nice?” Cora asked.

“Hmm,” he answered.

He was still quite indifferent toward her, and she acted sensibly and did not say much.

They lowered their heads to eat their apple pies quietly.

“I’d like two apple pies, please. One to go, and one for here.”

Suddenly, he heard a familiar female voice.

Jay’s hand stiffened with the spoon in his hand before he then lowered his head and

ate his apple pie quietly.

A person sat on the stool beside him.

The food stall was small, and there were quite a lot of people having apple pies now.

Most of them shared their tables with others, and Zoe was now used to sitting with

others at the food stall to eat.

She naturally sat on a vacant seat, not knowing when Bob would come.

She took off her dress and put on a thick down jacket to go there and have an apple


She was a little hungry. Knowing that Bob was going for a drink with Sam and that he

would want to eat something sweet when he came, she hence bought an apple pie for


She had just taken her seat when she then realized that there was something amiss.

No matter how long it had been… the feeling some people gave others would be

deeply ingrained in one’s heart and would not disappear.

She did not even look at the person beside her, but she knew at that moment, and she

looked in another direction to look for another seat.

“Zoe?” Cora called after her in uncertainty.

Zoe tightly wrapped herself in thick clothes. It was very cold in the middle of winter

and only her two eyes were visible, but she was recognized nonetheless.

She felt that Jay did not recognize her.

She looked over and thought that it was her loyal fan.

Unexpectedly, it was Cora.

Cora and Jay…

Jay never ate dessert, but he appeared at that place.

So, it was because he wanted to accompany Cora.

Jay was good at fawning over the members of the Levine family.

Cora should now be the treasure of the Levine family, and the thing one regained after

losing was naturally more precious.

Besides, the Levine family would be nicer to him if he had a good relationship with


Hmph! He was both smart and realistic. ’

“You’re having an apple pie here too?”

After they met each other’s gaze, Cora affirmed that she was Zoe.

“Hmm, what a coincidence.” Zoe made a light reply.

Cora… was not considered her enemy.

After admitting to her identity and realizing the truth, she did not find it too difficult to

accept it.

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