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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 445

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Chapter 445

“Do you live around here?” Cora asked her.

“Hmm.” “This neighborhood seems pretty good,” Cora said lightly.

“So, you think I should stay in the slums, don’t you?” Zoe sounded rather blunt.

“I didn’t mean that. I also feel quite guilty to see Mom treat you that way…”

“Okay, that’s enough. You don’t have to tell me about your good relationship with your

mother.” Zoe interrupted her.

Cora then stopped talking.

Though she did not treat Zoe badly, Zoe did not like her.

“Let’s go,” Jay said to Cora as he put down his spoon.

“I haven’t finished eating.” Cora liked to eat apple pies very much. Besides, the apple

pies here were very nice.

“I’ll get the leftovers packed up for you,” Jay said. “Get into the car first.”

Jay handed the car key to Cora.

She nodded obediently. “Okay. Thank you, Uncle Jay.”

After that, she grabbed the key and left first.

Zoe sneered.

Jay was nice to everyone. It was in the middle of winter, and he would rather suffer in

the cold to pack the food for Cora than let her get cold.

However, Zoe was still confused.

Why did he treat her so badly?

What did she do to make him hate her?

Was she any worse than Cora?

Oh, no.

He started to hate her after she fell in love with him. He then revealed his true colors.

Jay had been very nice to her too in the past. Did he treat Cora the same way too?

Jay grabbed the apple pie that had been packed and was about to leave.

“Jay, aren’t you afraid that Cora will fall in love with you?” Zoe suddenly asked him.

Jay’s hand stiffened as he held the apple pie.

“I’m just reminding you. You should have a sense of propriety even if you want to be

nice to people.”

Jay kept quiet and brushed past her.

Zoe chuckled, and she inexplicably shed a tear.

It was not regret or grief, however-she just felt sorry for her past self.

Jay did not deserve her at all.

Luckily, her apple pie was ready at that moment. The sweet taste made her think of

her relationship with Bob, and the past soon disappeared.

Cora carefully ate her apple pie in the car.

She was slightly happy, and she felt that Jay was not that aloof toward her.

He would eat the apple pie with her. Besides, he would even pack it up for her for fear

that she might get cold.

Currently, she yearned to gain approval from the Levine family.

“Do you like Bob?” Jay suddenly asked.

She was stupefied because of the sudden question, and after that, she blushed


She whispered, “I’ve got a pretty good impression of him.”

“Your mother brought you here today to let you get to know Bob and date him, isn’t


“Yes.” She nodded honestly.

“He’s not suitable for you,” Jay said straightforwardly.

Cora looked at him and asked slowly and sadly, “Do you think I’m not worthy of Bob?”

“No, it’s just that he won’t like a girl like you.”

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