Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 450

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Chapter 450

When she handed it to him, their arms appeared in the same picture.

Zoe’s eyes flashed with a different light as she looked down at her pajamas.

Only then did she realize that they were wearing matching pajamas.

She thought that she would wear them with Bob after that night, so she placed them in

the bathroom first. She did not think so much when she put them on just now…

She did dream of wearing matching clothes with Jay in the house they shared. After

she had given up all hope, the thing she wished for but could never get was finally

achieved. It was easily fulfilled now.

God did indeed like to tease her.

She handed the hairdryer to him silently, and she did not explain it.

After all, Jay would not care about that.

He would not care what she wore since he felt nothing for her.

Besides, she had been very clear with him just now. It was Bob’s pajamas, and it was

reasonable for her and Bob to wear matching pajamas.

She then returned to the countertop to get the dessert for Bob.

Jay seemed to have glanced at Zoe and looked at her clothes that matched his…

He lowered his eyes, and there seemed to be a tinge of redness in his eyes.

Jay returned to the bathroom again to blow dry his hair.

Zoe put the tea and apple pie on the nightstand. She did not immediately call out to

Bob when she found that he was sleeping so soundly. After dwelling on it for a while,

she walked to the bathroom outside and knocked on the door.” Jay, give me the

clothes you took off.”

Jay opened the door.

His hair was still half-dry. “What?”

Zoe did not say much to him but she walked into the bathroom.

The clothes he had taken off just now were placed before the sink in the bathroom,

and they were covered in Bob’s vomit.

Zoe walked over and grabbed them, but Jay immediately stopped her. “What are you


Zoe’s face was slightly hideous. “I’m going to wash them for you. Do you want to go

home in Bob’s pajamas?”

It was such a cold day, and he would probably freeze to death on the road.

“Umm… I can wash them myself. You don’t have to do that…”

“I’ll use the washing machine and dryer,” Zoe elaborated.

Jay felt slightly awkward.

He thought that Zoe wanted to hand wash them. He saw how skillfully she wiped the

floor just now, and he just did not want her to be so tired.

“I don’t want to waste time.” She sounded slightly impatient, so Jay let go.

Nevertheless, he regretted it slightly when he let go because he saw her take out his


He blushed slightly.

“It’s not very good to wash the underwear together. Do you know how to wash it? If

not, I’ll throw it away,” she added lightly.

She sounded as normal as if she was talking about how cold the weather was that


Was it because she felt nothing for him now? Was that why she sounded so calm

when she was talking about such a sensitive topic?

“I’d better throw it away. You need to leave it here to dry after you wash it. It’s too

meddlesome for you to come to my place and take it just for boxers.”

After that, she threw it into the trash can beside her without waiting for his consent.

Jay pursed his lips slightly, though he kept quiet all that while, and Zoe carried his

clothes and left.

The bathroom was not spacious, and when she brushed past him, he could smell the

faint perfume on her body.

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