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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 453

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Chapter 453

Jay thought that his voice was so soft that it was almost indiscernible.

Yet, Zoe heard it.

She looked at him. “What’s the matter?”

“Things look very good between you and Bob,” Jay said with a smile.

“Aren’t you very glad about that?” Zoe said as she looked straight at him.


“It’s all thanks to you,” Zoe said forthrightly, “If it weren’t for your rejection, I wouldn’t

have known how good Bob is. I didn’t even know I could like someone so much.”

Jay swallowed past his constricted throat.

He dared not reveal his inner emotions, for he was afraid that he might lose control

over himself.

“You’re probably very surprised that Bob and I even got together in the first place, I

suppose?” Zoe looked at Jay as she went on, “Bob has been carrying a torch for me

for many years, but because he knew that I liked you, he kept his feelings to himself,

for fear that he might lose the friendship should he confess. It was only until I faced

difficulties and he helped me overcome them without question that he finally

confessed to me that he liked me.”

Jay listened on as Zoe recounted her love story with Bob.

“If it weren’t for Bob, I wouldn’t have remained who I am now.”

If it were not for Bob who saved her in the nick of time back then, she feared to

imagine what terrible plight she would be in right now.

She knew the ugly nature of people especially in the entertainment circle.

There would be many people following after the first time.

Very few were capable of resisting the temptation and pulling back from the brink.

She was truly thankful for Bob and thankful that he appeared when she most needed


“I’m really thankful that I was able to meet the right person after going through so

much,” the corner of Zoe’s lips lifted subconsciously in a smile. “Jay, I used to really

hate you in the past. I hated you for being indifferent toward me, for not having

feelings for me. I even hated the fact that you eventually chose to leave when I faced


She had to admit that she hated Jay for leaving her at the hospital after her accident

when she suggested him to.

He did not turn back and extend a helping hand at all.

Of course, despite the hatred in her heart, she eventually came to accept it.

When it came to Jay, she could truly accept almost anything.

“I’m glad that you were cold to me. Otherwise, I might not have been able to let you go

and might just miss out on Bob.


She knew that even if Jay did not want to be with her, as long as he helped her, her

heart would remain fixed on him.

She might even die in her singleness.

Her greatest flaw was in being unable to let things go in a relationship. She was

seriously too stubborn and obstinate.

But now, everything was well.

Someone had appeared at the most difficult and hopeless time for her.

His appearance made all her silly obstinacy and hatred vanish without a trace.

She really did not hate Jay at all right now-she could not bring herself to hate him.

The moment she stopped loving and stopped caring, he was no longer important to


“Just continue waiting.” With that, Zoe left

Jay did not call her again.

For them, such an ending was for the best.

There was no love and no hatred.

Everything would be peaceful and between them, almost like they were strangers.

Jay looked at Zoe’s retreating figure and smiled faintly.

All was well as long as she was.

How he was was not important.

After a long while, the dryer finally stopped.

Jay retrieved his clothes as if in a trance. He took off Bob’s pajamas that he was

wearing, the pajamas that belonged to Bob and Zoe.

He folded it nearly and placed it in the laundry basket.

After he got changed, he walked out of the laundry room, past the living room and

straight to the entrance of the house.


A loud sound came from the bedroom.

It was rather shocking.

Jay rushed back to the bedroom and opened the door without hesitation.

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