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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 458

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Chapter 458

She knew very clearly how obsessed people of high society were about appropriate


“If the incident didn’t happen to you, I would have been glad to approve of you and

Bob together. I used to like you from the bottom of my heart, not just because of your

family background back then, but because of your personality which I really

appreciated. I’ll be honest with you-Nancy Levine has been trying to matchmake Cora

with my son. I’ve seen Cora before and truly, she’s no match for you in every sense of

the word.”

Zoe’s eyes flickered.

She was shocked to know that Nancy would bother matchmaking Cora and Bob.

In fact, Bob was not too bad himself.

He might seem like he usually goofed around too much, but his family background

was impressive.

Nancy probably thought that since Cora had just come, it would be better for Cora to

have someone else aside from her own mother watching over and protecting her.

Nancy was indeed thoughtful and considerate in all things for Cora’s sake.

Zoe pursed her lips, trying hard to make herself look nonchalant.

“But the disparity in your family backgrounds is so wide that I cannot choose you over

Cora,” Yulia said as she fished out a bank card from her wallet.

Even before she came, Yulia knew better than to expect her status to be as

impressive as it was before. Otherwise, Zoe would not even be staying in an

apartment financed by Bob.

Zoe looked at the card and chuckled very sarcastically.

She did not expect for something so dramatic to happen to her.

She did not expect that one day, someone would even think of using money to

dismiss her.

Yulia said, “There’s $700,000 inside. It’s probably not a small amount to you.”

Yes, it was probably enough to last ordinary people their entire lifetime.

She could do so given her current expenditure.

“I’m not humiliating you, but I’m just giving you compensation. I consider myself to

have seen you grown up, and I even used to wish that you were my daughter since I

didn’t have my own.” Yulia recounted the past fondly.

There was a tinge of regret in her voice.

“I won’t take your money, nor will I leave Bob.” Zoe made her intention clear.

Even if the Levines were to hold a knife against her neck, she would never give Bob


She was determined to be with Bob and trusted that Bob would treat her the same.

Yulia looked at the determination in Zoe’s eyes and asked,” Aren’t you afraid that Bob

will end up with nothing to his name like you?”

“Money has nothing to do with me and Bob being together. Money is just the cherry

on top that we can do without,” Zoe said emphatically.

“You’ve experienced what it’s like to have nothing, haven’t you?” Yulia asked.

Zoe bit her lip as she recalled how she almost sold her body for the sake of money.

The hopelessness she felt back then was enough to drive a person mad.

“I’m not trying to frighten you, and neither am I making up lies to scare you, but Bob

isn’t the only son in the Davis household. Bob’s father has an illegitimate son with

another woman outside, and he’s only ten years old this year,” Yulia said frankly with

seemingly no intention of hiding the truth from Zoe.

Zoe was slightly stunned.

Weren’t Charles David and Yulia Young childhood sweethearts who shared a loving

relationship since the beginning?!

“Don’t believe the rumors you hear through the grapevine.” Yulia saw through Zoe’s

thoughts. “This is why I want Bob and Cora to be together. Their relationship can

enhance Bob’s value and that’s the only way the Davis family’s assets can return to

Bob’s hands. If Bob were to choose to be with you, Charles would certainly kick Bob

out of the house, given his temperament.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe that the two of you are capable of overcoming difficulties

and leading a tough life together, or that you two love each other. But for the sake of

Bob’s future, I have to break the two of you apart. Don’t blame me for being cruel.

After all, I am somebody in high society. If I lose everything I have because of Bob,

including my reputation, and end up being the butt of everyone’s jokes, I’ll sacrifice

myself by my death to make Bob regret what he did.”

“Don’t think that I’m just threatening or frightening you-l’ve always been someone who

stays true to her word!”

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