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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

Zoe looked at Yulia.

She had heard from Nancy that Yulia was a strong-headed woman.

Yulia looked gentle and magnanimous, but when she was forced to a corner, she was

the kind that would hack people into pieces in retaliation.

“Zoe, I don’t know how receptive you are to the many things I’ve said, but I hope you

can think about it. Is it worth it for Bob to lose everything, even at my expense, for the

sake of your so-called love?”

“Why, why must you force my hand like this?” Zoe’s eyes turned red. She looked at

Yulia and questioned her, “Have you ever loved anyone in your life?”

“I have, but so what?” Yulia smiled but tears glimmered in her eyes as she said, “He

could always betray me and be with another woman. Tell me, how long can a

romance stay fresh and exciting for? When I first started dating Charles back then, he

could stay up for three days and three nights straight just to prepare a surprise for me.

Even such fervent love was unable to withstand the test of time. Of course, I’m not

doubting the love between you and Bob. I just want to remind you that if your romance

is eventually doomed to fizzle, do you really think Bob wouldn’t regret choosing you?

Choosing you and giving up everything he has?’”

Zoe bit her lip.

She had no idea-all she knew was that she did not want to leave Bob right now, and

she was also sure that Bob would not leave her.

Otherwise, Yulia would not have come looking for her directly and instead gone to Bob

to deliver her ultimatum.

But Yulia was right.

Many years later, would Bob really have no regrets giving up everything just to be with

her? Or would Zoe regret being the cause of Bob having nothing to his name and

even having all his family and friends leaving him?

She knew very clearly how it felt like to be betrayed by family and friends.

She would never forget how it felt to be abandoned by her very own kin.

“I’ll come here to see you again tomorrow. Before you think things through, I hope you

won’t tell Bob about our meeting.”

With that, Yulia stood up to leave.

She was a woman of the world, familiar with the circle of wealth.

There was no need for her to drag her feet out in doing things.

“I’ll leave Bob,” Zoe suddenly said.

The moment she did, tears fell from her eyes.

Yulia turned to look at her.

She hated to admit it, but her heart broke upon seeing the sorrow on Zoe’s face.

Nevertheless, this was the reality that no one had the power to change.

Yulia sat back down on the couch and handed the cold, hard credit card to Zoe. “Take


Zoe glanced at it.

“It doesn’t mean that you don’t love Bob just because you took the money.

Conversely, the fact that you gave Bob up today proves how much you love him.

Taking my money just helps to make me feel better about this.”

Yulia stuffed the card into Zoe’s palm, but Zoe rejected it.

“But, how are you going to tell Bob that you really want to break up with him?” Yulia


Zoe clenched her fist.

“Take it as an excuse for Bob to completely give up on you. Otherwise, having an

empty shell of a son in the Davis household isn’t meaningful to me either.” In other

words, Yulia wanted Bob to completely lose hope in Zoe and have no lingering

feelings for Zoe.

“I have a better way to destroy all feelings he has for me.”

“So, take this money as a token of gratitude from me,” Yulia explained. “I know your

situation right now, and it’s only beneficial for you to take the money. Or you can take

it as a loan which you can repay me once you have the ability to.”

Zoe looked at Yulia.

Yulia went on, saying, “I’m not kind, but neither am I wicked to the core. Zoe, if only

you were still Nancy Levine’s daughter, that would have been great.”

Zoe laughed.

She laughed till tears fell again.

Indeed, she had prayed many times that everything was just a bad dream that she

had yet to wake up from. When she woke up from it, she would still be Nancy’s

daughter and a member of the Levine family.

“As long as you’re willing, you can come look for me for help if you encounter any

difficulties. I can still help you out on minor things without Nancy being in my way.”

Yulia was telling Zoe that even at the risk of offending Nancy, she would not stand idly

by as long as it did not violate her principles.

Yulia was a good person.

It was her circumstances in life that forced her to put up a cold, hard front that seemed


Yulia left.

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