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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 462

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Chapter 462

Jay was lost in his thoughts.

“Are you unwilling to help me?” Zoe asked in a slight mocking tone.

She had expected that he might not be willing to.

After all, if he were to agree to help her, it would certainly cause a dent in his

friendship with Bob.

To Jay, his self-benefit has always been his priority.

“I just feel like things need not be brought to such an extreme. Yulia doesn’t want you

to be with Bob simply because she’s worried that Bob will anger Charles, and Charles

would cut off Bob’s inheritance of the family business. But if Bob starts taking the

business seriously and works hard, thus gaining Charles’ recognition of his abilities,

there’s no need for Charles to force Bob into a marriage alliance.”

“Having been with the Levines for so many years, do you really think this is about

inheriting the family business? A proper match in family backgrounds is the foundation

of every high society marriage. What right do I have to marry into the Davis household

given my status now?”

“I don’t see any problem with your status. Bob loves you and that gives you the right

to be with him. Proper matches in marriage is nothing but an excuse. True love

conquers all things, not to mention social status…”

“But I am also someone whom Nancy hates to the core. Would Nancy allow me to be

with Bob, especially now when she’s bent on matchmaking Cora with Bob? If she

were to know that I’m currently in a relationship with Bob, I can’t even imagine what

she’d do to me!” Zoe could not hold back her agitation.

“Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s right to make such a hasty decision. You can’t rush

matters of the heart. I suggest that you talk things through with Bob and have a good

chat with him. There will definitely be a way out of this…”

“Jay, are you very worried that no one else will ever love me and I’ll stay single and

lonely?” Zoe cut him off and asked.

Jay felt a sharp pain in his heart.

In front of Zoe…no, just the thought of Zoe would often send sharp pain shooting

through his chest.

“You’re just worried that with no one else loving me, I’ll cling onto you,” Zoe said


A corner of her lips curled in a sneer.

“That’s why you’re so worried that I’ll break up with Bob.” Zoe’s eyes turned slightly

red, as if she was holding back tears.

Yet, it clearly looked like she was laughing.

It was impossible to tell what she was laughing about.

“I’m not. I just think that since you and Bob love each other, it’s not worth it to break up

over external reasons. You really shouldn’t be so hasty in matters of the heart. You’ll

regret it for sure.”

He could attest to that.

“That’s my own business. I did not call you here today to persuade me otherwise or to

give me your opinion from your high horse, telling me that love transcends all things. I

called you here to put on an act with me to make Bob

believe that I’ve always loved you and that my feelings for him had only been

gratitude, nothing more.”

Zoe did not want to talk further with Jay.

The moment she agreed with Yulia, she had made up her mind.

She might come to regret it, but she knew she had no choice in this matter.

Jay swallowed past his constricted throat, not knowing if he should agree to Zoe’s


He was worried that if he did, he would simply be condoning her wrong choice.

He wanted her to live a happier life, and he wanted to see her tell him with a smile that

she was happy, just as she did last night.

“Zoe, let’s sit down and talk things through with Bob…”

“Jay, why is it so hard for you to help me with one thing?” Zoe asked.

Her voice was soft but trembling with emotions.

“I’ve never felt so helpless with anyone else before. You’re the only person who

always seems to be opposing me no matter what I do or what I ask you to do. How

much do you hate me, really? What have I done to make you hate me so much?”

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