Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

Tears fell uncontrollably from Zoe’s eyes as she stared at the credit card.

She recalled how expectantly Bob looked this morning when he left her place.

Who would have thought that the hasty goodbye they bade to each other would be for


Her phone screen lit up.

Zoe glanced at it and saw a message from Bob. [I’ll reach the latest by 8 PM tonight.

I’ll wash my chubby self squeaky clean and make sure I smell nice before going over.]

Tears blurred her vision so badly that she could hardly make out what Bob texted her.

She could only think about how excited and expectant Bob was when typing out this

message… and how hurt he would be when he knew what she was about to do!

Zoe wiped her tears away, picked up her phone, and ignored all of Bob’s messages.

Her fingers moved across the screen.

She found the contact she was looking for and typed her message with trembling


She typed out a long, long message.

Even after a long while, she found herself unable to tap on the send button.

She knew that once she did so, things would be officially over between her and Bob

and that Bob would also hate her for life.

Eventually, she tapped on it.

She shut her eyes and tears tumbled down her cheeks.

At that moment, she realized that it never rained but poured.

The happiness that she had was nothing but a fleeting mirage.

She would probably never have happiness in her entire life…

No one else would ever love her like this again.

Half an hour later, her doorbell rang.

By then, Zoe had calmed down.

She tried her best to calm herself down.

She wiped her tears away, washed her face, changed out into a fresh set of clothes,

and even put on some make up and sprayed some perfume out of habit.

She opened her door and saw Jay standing outside.

He was panting slightly.

She did not send anything too out of line, in fact.

It was just one line. [I have something to tell you. Come to my house as soon as you

can and reply to me when you see this message.]

Jay replied to her immediately. [I’ll be there right now.]

And there he was.

For some reason unknown even to herself, Zoe knew that Jay would definitely come,

perhaps because he felt guilty toward her.

She did not want to think about it any further.

“Come on in,” Zoe said to Jay.

Jay was slightly taken aback when he saw Zoe. “What happened? Were you crying

just now?”

She thought she hid it well.

“Did you have a fight with Bob?” Jay asked with concern.” Should I call Bob? He’s

quite rash at times but he doesn’t mean it. Don’t take it to heart…”

“We didn’t fight.” Zoe looked at Jay.

He was anxiously pulling out his phone, fully intending to call Bob.

She went on. “But I want to break up with Bob.”

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