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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 461

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Chapter 461

Jay was stunned.

He looked at Zoe, wondering if he had heard her wrongly.

Things were going so well forthem. Why did she suddenly want a break up?

“Did…something happen?” Jay forced himself to remain calm as he asked her.

But in fact, his voice was trembling ever so slightly.

Zoe was not able to pick up on it, though.

She was not even paying him much attention.

“Bob’s mom came looking for me.” Zoe never thought of hiding the truth from Jay.

Since she decided to ask him for help, she had to be honest.

Realization dawned upon Jay.

He knew it. It was impossible for their relationship to have soured over such a short


He could sense that they loved each other very much.

But the moment it involved the elders of the family, things were bound to become


Given the situation right now with the Davis household bent on having a marriage

alliance with the Levines, Zoe was nothing but a stumbling block that the Davis would

never tolerate.

“Did you tell Bob?” Jay asked solemnly.

“Would I have asked you to come if I told him?” Zoe looked back at him.

She did not seem very receptive to his show of concern.

“I think you should have a good talk with Bob regarding this.” Jay could sense Zoe’s

irritation with him, but he remained genuine in his concern and suggestion for her.

“So what if we talked things through? Should I make Bob give up everything for my

sake and end up abandoned by his family just like what happened to me?”

“Things are different for Bob. Bob is part of the Davis household. They would never

really abandon and disregard him.”

“Do you know that Bob has a half-brother outside?” Zoe asked Jay.

Jay’s heart leapt.

That was something new to him.

“If the Davis family has a back-up plan, Bob could very well be abandoned by them.”

“But I really don’t think Bob will break up with you for the sake of his family’s


“Yulia will threaten him with her death.” Zoe composed herself and went on, saying,

“Yulia has been bitter about the fact that Bob has a half-brother and would never allow

an illegitimate son to take over the Davis family’s assets. If Bob were to turn against

his family for my sake, it would mean utter defeat for Yulia and that might really force

her to kill herself before Bob.”

Jay stood silent, stunned speechless by what he was hearing from Zoe.

“How could a relationship burdened by the death of a person possibly still have a

happy ending?” Zoe questioned Jay.

She was resigned to fate.

She had used up all her luck and blessings before she turned twenty-five.

She did not know what she had left for the rest of her life.

“So you called me over to make use of me to break up with Bob?” Jay immediately

understood why Zoe called him here.

“Yes,” Zoe nodded, “Since I’ve decided to leave him, I want to do it cleanly. I don’t

want to give Bob or myself any hope left. Bob knows that I used to like you, and as

long as you put up an act with me, Bob will certainly believe that I no longer love him.”

Jay did not immediately agree to Zoe’s suggestion.

He was wondering if there was a better way that was not so extreme.

If Yulia’s goal was just the assets of the Davis family, would she accept Zoe as long as

Bob was able to secure that for her?

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