Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 468

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Chapter 468

Yet now, Jay was being deliberately slow?!

Also, where was this place?

Jay’s assistant knew that Jay’s new house was not in this area!

His assistant didn’t dare ask more questions and hurriedly followed Jay as he got into

the car. Then, he gave Jay a report on the filming tasks during their journey, as well as

the scenes scheduled to be shot for today.

”You don’t have to follow me to the set today. When we get out of town in a bit, you

can get off,” Jay said suddenly, cutting his assistant off midspeech. “Just give me the


His assistant looked at him in a daze.

Was he… getting fired?!

Jay pulled out a piece of string. “Pick out a ring in this size. Send me pictures of the

ring styles there when you get to the mall.”

His assistant’s eyes widened.

Wait… What?!

“Also, get me a bouquet of nine hundred and ninety-nine roses. Make sure they’re the

freshest ones.”

Was Jay preparing for a marriage proposal?!

Wasn’t this too soon?!

It wasn’t like Jay had a girlfriend, right? So why was he planning like he was getting

married soon?!

Jay’s assistant thought that with Jay’s attitude, the man would end up being alone for

the rest of his life.

He had never seen his boss fall for any woman except Zoe, but she obviously didn’t

love him!

Had Jay suddenly reached enlightenment in life and decided to bat for the other


“Looking at today’s shooting schedule, I should be a little late when I get back. I’ll call

you when I do,” Jay continued.

“Uh… Okay,” his assistant said with a hurried nod.

Jay left his assistant on the side of the road and rushed to the set. After arriving at the

location, the intense shooting began.

They were filming this movie intending to submit it for a foreign award, so time was

seriously tight, and they couldn’t afford any delays.

Jay poured all his focus on work, and it was already ten at night by the time they

stopped for the day.

The rest of the crew and some of the actors and actresses were having some soup

they had cooked on the set. As the day was cold, having hot soup was a way to ward

off the chills.

“Don’t you want some, sir?” one of the workers asked.

“I’ll be heading back for a bit.”

“Are you going back now? Aren’t we starting work again at seven tomorrow?”

“I know.”

“It looks like it’s going to snow tonight, so you’ll probably have to drive about two hours

before you reach home,” the worker said. “Why not stay the night here? There’s a

famous lodging nearby, and we already called ahead. They have specially prepared

rooms for us.”

“It’s fine. I’ll drive myself back later. You guys should stay. I’ll be here on time


The worker tried to persuade Jay again, but considering the man might have

something important to attend to, the worker didn’t try again.

Jay took some medication for his stomach and drove back.

He had hardly eaten anything in order to catch up with work, and there hadn’t been

any time after work either. He

suddenly had a craving for the apple pie nearby Zoe’s place, even though he never

had much fondness for sweets.

He drove down the narrow mountain path. On the way down, he called his assistant,

“Have you prepared everything?”

“Yes, sir.”

“In half an hour, bring the things and wait for me at the neighborhood entrance where

you picked me up this morning.”

“Sir, are you coming back this late? It’s going to snow soon. Please be careful.”

“I got it,” Jay said, then hung up.

Just as he put down his phone, a piercing light shone on his face, and everything

suddenly turned black.

He only heard the frantic honking echoing in his ears and the harsh screech of brakes.

The next moment, he felt his stomach lurch as his car flipped over the rail and

tumbled down the steep mountainside.

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