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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 466

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Chapter 466

Zoe didn’t know how much time had passed. When she looked up at the living room

clock, she found it was already past noon.

It was already the next day.

She turned to look at Jay, watching as he sat beside her without a word.

He was simply there.

The bruise on his face from the two punches Bob had thrown at him had become

darker and had started to swell. It looked hideous.

“Do you want to go to the hospital?” Zoe asked.

Jay froze momentarily. It took him a while to understand that Zoe was referring to the

wound on his face.

“No need. It’ll go away in a few days.”

“Thank you,” Zoe then said.

She was expressing her gratitude again.

Jay pursed his lips and was about to speak when Zoe continued quietly, “I don’t know

what I can do to repay you.”

“There’s no need for that.”

“But your friendship with Bob has been affected because of me.”

“That’s fine.”

Everything that happened had been due to anger.

Jay’s friendship with Bob wasn’t that fragile.

“That’s true,” Zoe muttered to herself. “It’s not like I have anything I can give to repay

you. I don’t have money or power, so I can’t give you anything.”


“Do you want my body?” Zoe suddenly asked.

Jay’s heart skipped a beat.

“Isn’t that the same as the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry? Using one’s

body to exchange for favors and fame. You’re famous, aren’t you? So you should be

used to deals like this, right? Speaking of which, there are quite a few famous female

celebrities that you churned out,” Zoe said casually.

“I’ve never done any of those,” Jay admitted.

Zoe laughed.

This was related to indecent matters, so who would admit they were involved?

Besides, it wasn’t like Jay would ever be interested in her.

She had taken the initiative to kiss him just now, but she didn’t feel any reaction from

him. Not a single bit.

He had always been so indifferent to her, and that was why he was using this excuse

to refuse her, wasn’t he?

“I was joking,” Zoe said, looking at Jay. “You hate me so much, so if you sleep with

me, it’ll be my debt to you once again. I suppose you’d be more worried that I’d use

that to blackmail you…”

Zoe trailed off and looked at Jay again, suddenly noticing how near his face was to

hers. Before she could react, he suddenly pushed his lips up against hers.

Zoe tensed up immediately.

For a second, she thought she was hallucinating.

How was that possible? Jay Parker kissing her on his own accord?!

How could-


Zoe couldn’t help but clench her fist tightly. It didn’t seem like Jay was going to stop at

just kissing her. His actions seemed to imply that he wanted more…

Was she misreading him?

She was in a daze and could vaguely feel that there was even some urgency in his


In fact, Jay had been pushed to the brink of his limits.

Only God knows how much self-control he had forced himself to exercise so he would

not do those things to her.

Only God knew how much he really wanted to take her into his arms and embrace


Only God knew how much he loved her…

Jay didn’t even have time to confess his love before he was lost in the warmth of her


Zoe lay below him, her hands outstretched to push him away, but then she retracted

them silently.

Was this part of the deal?!

Or was it… regret?

Or perhaps… he had given in completely?

If she let this happen, she would cut off all possibilities with Bob!

That night, it started to snow. It was the first time Jay found the snow to be so

beautiful and not the slightest bit cold.

He thought that he would never forget that person on that snowy night.

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