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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 465

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Chapter 465

“But I can’t lie to myself and to you,” Zoe said firmly.

“Lie to yourself and me…” Bob laughed out loud.

It was a laughter tinged with self-derision.

“So, all along, you’ve been lying to yourself and me by being with me? All the smiles

on your face were feigned? Did you lie to me each time you said you loved me?” Bob


Tears fell with each question he posed, and his heart ached so badly.

The pain felt worse compared to when he witnessed Zoe leaning close to Jay.

It turned out that the pain of losing something after having it was enough to break a


“I’m sorry.” Zoe did not answer him.

Bob laughed.

He laughed so hard that he could not stop his tears from flowing.

He had thought that the heavens finally showed pity on him.

He even felt thankful that the incident happened to Zoe such that he had a chance to

be with her.

He was too wicked indeed, and that was probably why the heavens could no longer

tolerate them being together.

“Has Jay agreed to be with you?” Bob asked Zoe.

Zoe pursed her lips, not knowing how she should respond to his question, because

she would not be with Jay.

Neither would Jay want to be with her.

If she were to say yes, Bob would find out very quickly that this was all a lie.

She did not think that Jay would be willing to put on an act with her for so long, and

his involvement today was already a stretch for him.

“Yes, we’re together now,” Jay said.

He decided to take over at the moment when Zoe was at a loss.

Bob turned to look at Jay.

“Jay Parker, I’ve taken you as my best friend all along. I’ve always thought that

between the four of us-you, me, John, and Sam-nothing could come in between us

and our friendship, no matter how major. Turns out that’s not true… turns out that I am

capable of feeling such hatred toward you,” Bob said brokenly.

“I’m sorry.” Jay could only apologize. ’

He did not know what else he could say aside from that.

“From now on, we’re no longer friends. I’ll take it as though I’ve never known you.”

Right after Bob said that, he swung his arm and landed

another punch on Jay’s face.

It was a powerful hit, and Jay almost lost his balance.

He stepped back, still not retaliating.

Zoe stood at the side and watched. She stretched her arms out wanting to stop them,

but they dropped back down to her side.

“Our friendship of more than twenty years is over!” Bob said emphatically.

Jay stood silent, in acceptance of Bob’s decision.

Bob left, right in front of Jay and Zoe.

He was so tall and fit, yet he could hardly walk himself out of the door.

He walked to the entrance and held onto the door frame, where he stopped in his


“Jay Parker,” he said. “Don’t ever make Zoe sad. If you love her, please, take care of


He was unable to let go of Zoe even until the final moment.

He still wanted her to have happiness.

Zoe’s vision blurred and she could barely see Bob’s features.

If only she were still a daughter of the Levine family… but she was not.

There was no way she could engineer a happy ending between her and Bob.

Bob finally left the apartment, slamming the door shut heavily behind him.

Zoe felt as though her heart had closed shut at that moment, just like the door.

She loved him, she truly did.

If she did not, her heart would not ache so badly.

It was deadly quiet in the apartment. Between Jay and Zoe, both did not utter a single

word, and even her tears were shed in silence.

The tears flowed endlessly for a long time.

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