Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

The next day, Zoe stirred from her sleep slowly. She turned around groggily and rolled

over to find no one beside her.

Opening her eyes, she felt the spot beside her to find it cold.

Smiling bitterly, Zoe thought about how she had already anticipated this happening.

She forced herself to get up, and the covers slipped off her body. Looking down at

herself, she saw that her skin was littered with bruises and marks.

Without these, she would have thought that everything last night had been a dream.

She would have thought that Jay, who had acted entirely differently last night

compared to usual, had been a figment of her imagination.

She lifted the covers to pick up the discarded clothes around the place and placed

them neatly to one side before heading straight for the shower.

Her whole body was sore. Zoe thought feeling sore after such activity was just an

exaggeration of fiction and movies.

After she showered, she dried her hair and changed into a pair of clean pajamas.

When she tidied her bed, she saw spots of blood stains on the sheets.

It… was gone.

Perhaps it was for the better.

It would save her from overthinking it.

She quickly changed the sheets and turned around the leave when she suddenly

noticed a note on the nightstand.

It was the note.

Zoe picked it up to read the note that said, “Wait for me, Jay. It

She couldn’t describe the feeling in her heart and wondered why Jay had left so early

in the morning.

Was it to give her space to cool off before telling her his final decision?

Zoe tossed the note in the trash and calmly went about her own business.

When Jay left, it was seven in the morning. His assistant had come to pick him up to

take him to the set.

Yesterday, he left work and came straight here, which seriously affected the progress

of the filming. He had to go to a remote location in the mountains for today’s shoot, so

he had to leave early in the morning.

He was supposed to leave before six in the morning, but he had found it extremely

difficult to let go of Zoe.

Seeing her sleeping so peacefully in his arms, he really didn’t want to let go of her.

He lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

She was sleeping so soundly.

He got bolder when she didn’t stir and kissed her on the lips…

Just like last night.

He couldn’t believe that he would indulge to this extent. It was to the point that Zoe

had asked him, “Was this a little… too much for compensation?”

Thinking about how Zoe had looked last night, Jay couldn’t resist another kiss as his

lips curled involuntarily.

Reluctantly, he pulled back from stealing kisses from the woman in his arms as his

phone rang insistently again.

After leaving the warmth of the covers, he left a note while taking another small piece

of rope from her side as he left.

When he left the neighborhood, he saw his assistant shifting anxiously beside the car.

When he saw Jay, the man immediately rushed forward and said, “Sir, all the crew

members have already gone over. The male and female leads are also on the way


“Alright,” Jay replied.

He didn’t look anxious and even looked to be in a good mood.

Was something wrong with him?

His assistant was baffled. Usually, Jay’s sense of time was better than anyone else’s.

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