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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 464

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Chapter 464

Or did he enter the wrong apartment?

That could not be.

Zoe could not possibly…

But that man was Jay. He knew what Zoe used to feel for Jay and the sorrow she felt

from unrequited love.

She liked Jay for so many years, so, so many years…

He was nothing compared to Jay!

His vision blurred, but he did not leave. He did not question them loudly, nor did he

even interrupt them.

He simply looked on as Zoe took the initiative to kiss Jay, and he just stood there,

feeling his heart break into many tiny pieces.

From the corner of her eye, Zoe saw Bob standing stockstill at the door.

She could imagine how broken he felt at that moment, and she desperately wished

that he would push them apart and slap her, but he did not do a single thing.

He simply stood there in his pain.

Zoe’s eyelids trembled. She shut her eyes as tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes,

and she then deepened her kiss on Jay’s lips.

The kiss that felt like a mere peck became hotter and more fervent, and Jay’s

heartbeat thundered in his chest.

A simple peck on the lips was enough to drive him mad, not to talk about something

so passionate…

He dared not move.

He should not respond at all, he warned himself.

That was until he was shoved away by someone.

The touch on his lips disappeared…

That was when reality hit.


Bob landed a punch on Jay’s face.

Jay did not retaliate, despite his face turning red from the impact.

He merely stared at Bob.

He looked at his eyes reddened with unshed tears, the unspoken rage all over his

face, and the look of hatred that spelled out his desire to kill him.

Bob could not tolerate it any longer.

His clenched fists trembled by his side, and he looked at Jay with unbridled fury.

“Jay Parker, Zoe is my girlfriend!” he yelled, venting his anger on Jay.

Jay pursed his lips and remained silent-Zoe told him not to say anything, and she

would be the one to speak.

He heard Zoe speak up. “Bob, I’m sorry.”

Bob turned to look at Zoe.

He saw the tears in her eyes and the guilt and apology written on it.

“I realized that I couldn’t forget about Jay,” Zoe said as she looked at him.

She looked straight into his eyes, at the pain etched in them. His heart was broken

because of her.

“Yesterday, when Jay sent you back…l couldn’t control myself any longer. I called Jay

over today because I want to start things anew with him,” Zoe said calmly, almost


Her voice was cold and distant, yet tears fell uncontrollably down her cheeks.

“Hah…” Bob chuckled as he heard Zoe’s explanation.

He chuckled with such aching sorrow.

“Zoe York, am I that inferior? Am I really no match for him? What exactly am I inferior

to him in, I can change! I’ll change myself to make you like me, okay?”

He was agitated, humbling himself in his sorrow.

Zoe had never seen Bob like this.

He was always so bright and chirpy, proud and fun-loving.

She did not want to see him like this.

Zoe suppressed the pain in her heart and said, “Bob, no matter how much you

change, you’ll never be Jay. You already know that I’ve loved him for so, so many

years. I thought I could use you to forget about it, but I overestimated myself. I’ll never

be able to forget Jay my entire life…”

“I don’t mind that.” Bob looked lovingly at Zoe. “It’s fine that you can’t forget about

him-l don’t even need you to do that.

I just want to be with you, to be by your side after he chose to abandon you.”

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