Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 472

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Chapter 472

So when the Levines all traveled abroad, John left Dicky in Jessica’s care? Without

asking Cordy’s permission, or whether Dicky wanted to stay with Jessica?

Still, Cordy clenched her teeth and accepted reality. She was reluctant to bother John

given present circumstances.

His texts over the next few days were scarce since there was nothing to say, what

with Jay not recovering anytime soon.

However, Jessica was still constantly sharing updates of her time with Dicky even

though it was definitely a mess, be it eating or bathing Dicky, leaving his little face

covered in bubbles.

She also brought Dicky outdoors to hiking and amusement parks, where they would

play with all sorts of exciting rides.

Cordy stayed silent, watching as Jessica expressed her motherly nature.

That is, until she sent a photo of Dicky hurting his leg.

In the photo, the boy was keeping his head lowered and staring at his leg, covered in

white bandages, his expression impassive.

Jessica’s caption was: [I’m so sorry, baby! I was careless.]

It was also lined with crying emojis, but it pushed Cordy over the edge. She texted

Jessica: [What happened to Dicky?]

Jessica replied: [It’s nothing. He had a little sprain when we went hiking. The doctor

said he just needed to take it easy, and he’d be fine.]

Cordy, however, was skeptical. [Where is he? I’ll come get him.]

[John left him in my care. I wont hand him over to anyone without his permission.

Don’t worry—I’ll take good care of him.]

Cordy’s fingers were left clenching even as Jessica added: [As long as he is still my

son, I will hold myself responsible for him to the end.]

It almost seemed like a normal message-but it was basically a threat from Jessica.

That if push comes to shove, she could hurt Dicky.

Cordy felt as if her breath had left her lungs, and wondered if Jessica had deliberately

hurt Dicky. In fact, she was almost sure Jessica had been updating her usually

inactive chat group just to give Cordy a deliberate reminder of that.

Naturally, Cordy was unable to stay calm wherever Dicky was concerned, and called

John instantly.

Although John sounded tired from the other end, Cordy couldn’t call less about the

time difference and said bluntly, ”1 want to bring Dicky to me.”

She was beside herself with worry upon letting him stay alone with Jessica. That

vicious woman could do anything just to achieve his own ends!

‘Til be back the day after tomorrow,” John said. “I’ll take him back when the time


“I want Dicky back now!” Cordy snapped, her tone determined and severe.

“Just wait-”

“Do you think he’s safe while Jessica has her?!” Cordy demanded in agitation.

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