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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 479

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Chapter 479

However, Cordy simply regarded John with overwhelming apathy. “I’m an adult-1 have

needs too. Also, I’d like to get over my trauma.”

John kept his icy smile, while she continued to look at him solemnly.

“We should’ve never been together—even our first meeting was a mistake. I’ve

already told you before that the best thing we can do for each other is for you to return

to Jessica’s side, while I do whatever I like.*

She spoke as if she bore no sentiment, only the resolve in parting.

Even so, John asked her, “Don’t you feel a thing after so long?”

After holding out until now, had she no intention to change?

“No,” Cordy replied with absolute certainty. “All I feel is fear, because I won’t even

know when I’ll upset Jessica, or when she’ll try to kill me again. Death, incrimination,

and now threatening me with Dicky? I had enough.”

“It will soon be over,* John said with certainty.

“No, it won’t,” Cordy said icily. “Even if things did calm down, it’ll just be the calm

before the storm. I don’t know if I can survive the horrors that will ensue before the

end. I’m only human-l’m flesh and blood, and I can’t endure my lifespan being shaved

off repeatedly.”


“If I was ever willing to be with you, I wouldn’t have tried to leave you repeatedly. I

thought things through before I made my decision, and there’s another thing I should

be honest with you about…”

Cordy paused, while John continued to stare into her gaze of apathy.

“When your grandfather took me to Levine Manor after Levine Ventures’ anniversary

celebration, he spoke at length to me. He told me that Dicky’s my child, and that

you’re the one who slept with me all those years ago- before he forced me to leave


“My grandfather—”

“Let me finish,” Cordy said, cutting him short.

John pursed his lips in silence.

“Yes, I’m not a person who takes things lying down, nor would I agree to compromise

easily. However, he made an offer that I agreed with.”

“What is it?”

“If you and Jessica got married without issue, I can take Dicky with me.”

John’s eyes narrowed while Cordy looked coolly at him, constantly keeping his

emotions in check. “I was reluctant and upset that I was being coerced, but I agreed

to it regardless. Dicky is far more important to me than anyone else—I’d let myself die

to make sure he’s safe, let alone losing you.”

Nonetheless, her tone suddenly turned from apathy to misery. “So, this is not a

discussion. I’m begging you, just go to Jessica’s side and stay with her, please? We’re

both Dicky’s parents. I’m willing to sacrifice everything for him, and I hope you can be

a little selfless too. Please?’

John gulped, his expression gradually turning from restraint to calmness.

“Is that what you want?” He asked.

“Yes, it is,” Cordy replied bluntly without any hesitation.

“Fine,” John agreed.

That came out of the blue, and Cordy seemed to feel her chest aching from his


It was too much for her to ignore, but this was the best option for them. “When are you

leaving?” John asked.


“I’ll book you a flight.”

“No, it’s fine. Patrick will make the arrangements,” Cordy said bluntly.

As John stared at her, she explained, “Since we’re cutting ties anyway, let’s not try to

get involved with each other’s lives for no reason.

“…Okay,” he replied.

“Thank you,” Cordy said earnestly, and picked up her knife and fork again.

She ate very slowly, almost as if she couldn’t taste the food.

She then watched as John got up and left, while she herself hadn’t eaten much

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