Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 480

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Chapter 480

Although she didn’t have much of an appetite now, Cordy ultimately finished her


She was a mother and had an obligation to take care of herself, so that she could take

care of Dicky.

When she was done, she returned to her bedroom, where she found him deep asleep.

Watching as he slept, looking ever so innocent, she decided she would not regret her


Early next morning, Cordy said her goodbyes with Dicky for the time being.

Dicky was still under John’s custody before John married Jessica, and Cordy wasn’t

cruel enough to insist upon taking Dicky away right now.

Moreover, she was convinced that it was safer for Dicky to stay with John.

“The car’s waiting outside,” John told her.

“Okay,” Cordy said, and patted Dicky’s little cheeks while assuring him,” You’ll see me

again in North City, when school starts again in a few days.”

“Okay!” Dicky nodded obediently.

He was under the impression that his daddy and mommy would be together after


He had always been thoughtful and understanding as a child, asking nothing and

listening to everything.

He was such a good boy that it hurts.

“Here,” John said, passing Cordy a pill; she saw that it was a morning-after pill.

She actually remembered that, but was planning to get some from a pharmacy later

today since it would work as long as she took one pill in three days.

Still, she had no reason to refuse since he was giving it to her.

‘Til wait for you in the car,’ John said, turning to leave then.

Last night’s intimacy was today’s apathy-such were the pragmatic relationships

between adults.

Cordy took the pill and said goodbye to Dicky again before leaving, while the boy

watched dolefully as they got in his daddy’s car.

On the other hand, Cordy was still watching his little frame. She couldn’t begin to

describe her reluctance to leave him.

She turned around and calmed herself, while assuring herself that she would definitely

bring him back to her side.

Beside her, John remained silent throughout.

It was after they left the mansion that Cordy realized that the mansion was built

halfway up a mountain, surrounded by a dense forest so that most people wouldn’t

find it. At the same time, the car was driving towards the summit instead of down the


She asked no questions despite her surprise and merely took in the sights with

apathy, staring at the whiteness of the winter forest.

The car eventually stopped in front of a flat clearing, where two helicopters were


As Cordy alighted with John, he told her, ’The chopper will take you off the mountain.

Patrick will be waiting for you.”

“Thank you.”

John looked at her then, and nodded slightly.

There were no goodbyes, because it was a silent farewell.

As Cordy got into the helicopter, John didn’t follow, silently watching as she got in. The

rotors of the helicopter whirled, kicking dust off the ground before it took to the skies.

Their vision of each other hence grew in distance, until they were gone completely

from sight…

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