Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 477

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Chapter 477

Even if Cordy already made herself very clear, John was still afraid of moving.

He touched her once, and that left her traumatized with men for years, and for her to

loathe him just as long.

If he did it again now, he feared he wouldn’t see her for the rest of her life, and that

she would directly vanish from his world.

Therefore, he would rather bear it.

“You don’t want to?” Cordy asked, since he wasn’t responding.

“I’m afraid,” John admitted earnestly.

Cordy did a double take, unable to describe how she felt.

It was amusing, but it also hurt a little.

Nonetheless, her hands started to dance rampantly over his stiffened bod while she

whispered, “I won’t hate you this time.”

“What’s gotten into you, Cordy?’’ John asked as he caught her dainty hand.

However, when he turned around and looked at her blushing face, he realized she

wasn’t that composed-he could actually feel her hands shaking.

As such, he told her seriously, ‘I don’t need you to apologize or repay me this way for

saving your life-not when you’re so reluctant. In fact, I don’t need you to repay me for

anything I do for you, just as you don’t have to feel guilty at all towards anything you

did to me. I do it all willingly, understand?”

He would never force her if she didn’t want to do it, even if it meant staying celibate for

the rest of his life.

“I’m willing,” Cordy said, looking into his eyes earnestly, as if that indescribable wall

between them had gone. 1

At that very moment, she was sincere and true.


John’s eyes widened as he watched Cordy suddenly throw her arms around his neck.

She stood on her toes as much as she could to kiss his lips, stopping him from saying

everything he wanted to say.

John was left in disbelief, but he was afraid to move and allowed her to kiss him for a


At the same time, he was restraining himself, watching as the Cordy kiss lasted for a

while before pulling away.

“Say nothing,” she told him, “or I’d regret this.”

‘Til never make you regret anything-”

“No,” Cordy said, cutting him short. ’I won’t if I do it now.”


John tried to speak, but her lips were on his again.

To be honest, John wouldn’t do this with Cordy if he had that bit of rationality left.

Likewise, he didn’t want to give her grief given his current status.

But he lost all rationality, and it crumbled under Cordy’s seduction.

A small corner of his mind thought the door opened just then, and closed ever so

quietly soon after…

Outside, the servants were surprised by Dicky turning back already. “Master Richard,

Weren’t you going to get your parents for breakfast? Why did you turn around?”

“Shush.” Dicky put a finger on his lips as he gestured at the servant.” They’re busy

right now. I’ll go eat myself.”

While the servant was left confused, Dicky was beaming. “Don’t bother them. I might

have a brother soon…or maybe a sister?”

He knew it-his daddy was amazing in every way, and Daddy definitely would get

Mommy swooning.

It was already night when Cordy opened her eyes.

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