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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 481

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Chapter 481

Cordy’s eyes were red and moist, even though she tried not to look outside at John’s

slowly departing figure.

She could not even describe how she felt… It was as if half her heart went missing,

and she couldn’t breathe.

Nonetheless, the helicopter arrived on a clearing in the suburbs in half an hour, where

Patrick’s black sedan was waiting.

Naturally, he brought more than one car-his security detail went full defcon after that


Cordy alighted awkwardly from the helicopter, since it was hard walking with crutches.

Just as she did so, she found a large, fair hand extended before her.

She looked up to find Patrick on his wheelchair, offering her a hand.

He had been maimed considerably in that accident, but she didn’t shy from leaning on

his arm to get out of the helicopter, and followed him into his car.

The helicopter whirled off after they left, just as Cordy realized why John insisted that

his mansion was safe.

It was hard to find, and chasing a helicopter wasn’t that easy.

Even if they do find it, planning a raid on such elevated heights offered no advantage.

Nonetheless, as Cordy stared at the direction where the helicopter left, spacing out,

Patrick asked her, “You really didn’t want to leave, huh?”

“That’s not it,” Cordy denied, lowering her gaze.

Patrick studied her calm expression-even if she hid it well, it wasn’t hard to tell that

she had been crying.

“Why don’t you stay with John? There’s no question that he can protect you, ” he said


“Sorry to disappoint you, but I told him to marry Jessica,” Cordy said, returning his


Patrick appeared taken aback, but soon shrugged nonchalantly. “If you think that’s the

right choice. We’re just partners, and you’re allowed to make your own decisions.

Moreover, you made it very clear before, and I actually didn’t hold out too much hope.

Still, I do wonder what made you so determined to cut all ties with the man.”

“That’s my privacy,’ Cordy refused to answer.

“Okay,” Patrick didn’t ask.

At the same time, the car drove into the bustling metropolitan center of Rocktown, and

stopped outside a luxurious cafe.

“Are you sure you’re going in?” Patrick asked.

“I wouldn’t have asked you to bring me here otherwise.”

“And are you really sure you don’t want me to come with you?”

“Well… I’ll pass, since you’re not exactly fully fit,” Cordy said jokingly, while looking at

Patrick’s leg pointedly.

Patrick smiled quietly. “Pot calling the kettle black.”

With that Cordy started to alight, when Patrick suddenly caught her wrist.” Wait.”

Cordy’s fingers twitched-she was still not accustomed to skin contact, even if said

person was a homosexual.

Patrick didn’t feel at all uncomfortable, however, and simply took out something the

size of a USB drive, putting it in her hand. “Press this button if you sense danger, and

I’ll send my people in to help.”

Cordy stared at Patrick, but he had a determined look. “I always pay my debts. You

saved me, and I will therefore keep you safe until the end.”

Cordy did not refuse, and slipped the button into her purse.

“Thank you,” she said, and headed into the cafe alone.

“See you around,” Patrick watched as she left, looking distracted for some reason.

Two men in black stood outside the private WIP room in the cafe.

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