Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 483

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Chapter 483

Jessica’s face dropped immediately after she took the phone and saw the photos on


No matter how good she was at covering up her feelings, there was no question that

she was incensed.

“What is this?!” she demanded.

Cordy just said she had cut all ties with John Levine, yet now, she was showing

Jessica a photo of herself in bed with him?!

Was it to brag?

Or to rub it in Jessica’s face?!

Those thoughts only infuriated Jessica further.

After all,her engagement and wedding date had been announced for a while, but there

was still no spark between her and John at all—they didn’t even hold hands!

“Did you really think I won’t kill you, Cordy?!” Jessica growled through her teeth.

Cordy ignored her and said, “I’m showing this not to prove how intimate John and I

were, or to brag about it. This is just to tell you that I can make this public if you push

me too far.”

Jessica’s gaze turned cool as she studied Cordy.

“To put it bluntly, if you lay a finger on the one who matters most to me, I’ll take you

down with me even if I die trying,” Cordy continued. “Everyone will find out about my

and John’s illicit relationship. I’m convinced your family will never be able to bear the


Jessica’s eyes flared with rage.

So Cordy came to threaten her-to return the favor when she threatened Cordy with


“I’m alone, anyway. Even if my career developed this far, it’s nothing to the Levines or

your family. It’s nothing if I lose a little, since this won’t be my first time. On the other

hand, if you lose John…the loss would be immeasurable, no?”

“You’re much smarter than I gave you credit for, aren’t you?” Jessica glared at Cordy

in contempt. “But I wonder, what would John think if he finds out that you’ve deceived

him even after he willingly laid down his life just to save you? Would he still believe

that it’s worth it?”

“Certainly not, which is why I made it very clear that I’ve cut ties with him,” Cordy

replied, looking Jessica straight in the eye. “I used him like a tool exactly because I

have no intention of making up with him.”


Everything Cordy said yesterday…about coincidence, adult impulses, and repaying

debts; those were all blatant lies.

It was all part of an elaborate plan-ever since Jessica threatened Cordy with Dicky,

she was already planning how to make Jessica completely give up on trying to harass


Cordy had no way of controlling Jessica, given her family’s unparalleled wealth and

influence. She needed leverage; however, finding one was virtually impossible in such

a short time.

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