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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 484

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Chapter 484

The only thing that could really threaten Jessica right now was John. If John was hit

with a scandal and caused severe controversy, the Stuarts would annul Jessica’s

engagement with him to protect their reputation.

However, said annulment would be a terrible loss to both the Stuarts and Jessica. The

former would have their ambitions thwarted, while for Jessica, anyone could tell how

crazily in love she was with John.

Therefore, if the Stuarts wouldn’t hurt Cordy for that reason, Jessica would not do it


Even so, Jessica wasn’t so easily threatened. “Did you really think my family and the

Levines can’t enforce a media blackout even if you publicize this? No one even knows

Jay was almost killed in a car accident. You know very well that our families’

influences are far beyond what you can ever imagine!”

“But what if it’s Patrick who publicizes these photos?” Cordy asked in return.

Jessica scowled, as the threat obviously registered.

Cordy regarded Jessica coolly as she continued, “I know I’m nothing compared to

your families’ power, but what do you think Patrick would do once he has these? He

won’t hesitate to move immediately and get your engagement with John annulled.”

“I’m impressed you could immediately come up with an idea that would maximize your

advantage, but you’re being conceited!” Jessica glowered, her eyes flashing

murderously. ’You know why those ‘accidents’ happened before, don’t you?”

As Cordy stared at Jessica warily, Jessica smiled sinisterly. “If I dared to go that far

before, do you think I’d let this chance go when you came looking for me? I never

intended to let you leave alive the instant you asked to meet!”

“You’re not worried that I have backup?” Cordy asked fearlessly. “If I’m in danger, the

public will see everything I just showed you.”

“But I have your phone,” Jessica shot back smugly. “How are you going to message

Patrick? And I have the resource to get the backup before Patrick reaches it, since he

doesn’t even know you have this. If he did, we wouldn’t be talking peacefully here.”

In other words, Jessica was saying that Patrick would’ve exposed those photos if he

knew they existed.

Even so, Cordy remained unaffected. “So it never crossed your mind that I was

prepared before I came? Maybe I have set another plan in motion so Patrick could

reach it immediately, and have your engagement annulled in case anything happens

to me. In that case, I don’t think you’d beat him to it.

Jessica scowled further-she had never been pushed this far her entire life!

Even if John didn’t love her, he complied with her whims.

Cordy, on the other hand… Jessica wanted nothing less than to murder Cordy right

here and now!

Her eyes flashed viciously as she glared at Cordy, but Cordy calmly picked up her

purse, nonchalantly whipping out a tissue to wipe her fingers.

It appeared to be a provocation to Jessica, but only Cordy knew that she was actually

trying to keep her own heart rate in check while discreetly alerting Patrick.

“I’ll admit you made a smart move today, Cordy. You did pose a threat, and I’d have to

tiptoe around you… If you hadn’t neglected to remember one thing: you never tried to

study me! If you did, you’d know I’d rather take risks than to leave a threat alive! Even

if my chances are less than a hundred percent, you’d find that I am very willing to take

the risk!”

And with those words, Jessica made a gesture; one of the black-clad bodyguards

behind her promptly whipped out a gun, aiming the barrel squarely on Cord/s head.

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