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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 485

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Chapter 485

Cordy regarded Jessica coolly while her body stiffened ever so slightly, a chill

unwittingly running down her spine.

Even so, she repressed the terror seizing her chest and remained incredibly calm.

But even if Cordy didn’t show it, Jessica knew for sure that Cordy was afraid—no one

would feel nothing in this situation.

“Never crossed your mind that I’d go this far, have you?’ She laughed savagely. “Don’t

you regret dying by my hand in this fashion? I wont mind admitting trying and failing to

take your life so many times, only for you to be so kind as to send yourself to my

doorstep. You really shouldn’t get full of yourself, y’know?”

“Do you think John would forgive you if you killed me?’ Cordy asked her.

“Would he forgive me even if I don’t?” Jessica asked in return. “He’d treat me the

same, and it’s just better for me if I eliminated a potential threat. And who knows?

With you dead, maybe he’d completely give up when there’s nothing left for him.”

Cordy pursed her lips, her eyes growing colder.

However, Jessica’s patience had already worn out. She stood up opposite Cordy to

look down on Cordy, the delight in her eyes hardly disguised.

“Make it clean,’ she told the bodyguards as she walked past them.

“Yes, ma’am,” they replied respectfully.

With that, Jessica gestured for another bodyguard to open the door for her while

gloating, “Sorry, Cordy, but I’m not staying for the mess. You’ve been allowed to live

for far too long, so there’s no need to regret anything-you should’ve been dead a long

time ago!”

But the instant the door opened, Jessica was left staring at a black barrel trained on

her very own forehead.

As she narrowed her eyes, the two bodyguards behind her promptly whipped out their

guns to aim at the man…only to find over a dozen men in black outside, all having

their guns out and aiming it at the doorway.

They even left a gap between their formation, so that Patrick, who was on a

wheelchair behind them, could peer through them.

There was no emotion in his eyes at all, and he was frighteningly cold.

The two bodyguards Jessica posted outside the door were long since left unconscious

on the floor.

As Jessica scowled visibly, she growled through clenched teeth, ’What do you think

you are doing, dear cousin?’

“Exactly what you’re doing,” Patrick replied evenly.

“Are you sure you want to turn against me over this woman?”

“Are you sure she’s the reason we’re at each other’s necks?” Patrick scoffed.

“There may be a misunderstanding here, but whatever it is, our grandfathers can talk

it out.”

Despite Jessica’s deliberate mention of Monty Stuart and William Stuart, Patrick

simply rolled his eyes. ’You’re great at sophistry, but I’m too tired to play along this

time. Why don’t you release Cordy now?”

“What if I refuse?’ Jessica asked bluntly.

“Then you will die with her.”

“How dare you?!” Jessica shrieked, her fury hardly concealed. “You, killing me out in

the open? Do you think my grandfather would let you live?”

“He wouldn’t let me live even if you survived!” Patrick barked directly.

His icy voice stunned Jessica. He continued, “We know who was responsible for my

accident, and I’d be dead if Cordy didn’t insist that John save me as well. I’ve been

wondering if I could have a little payback with this, too.”

“What proof do you have that I did it?’ Jessica retorted.

“None,” Patrick replied. ’But I don’t need any.”

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