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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 489

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Chapter 489

Cordy stared at her phone, watching as John appeared on screen in his white

swallowtail tuxedo and a bow tie, looking sharp and imposing.

The instant he showed up, the live comment section was immediately spammed,

though the content was more or less the same.

[He’s so handsome!]

[I’m in love!]

[Why isn’t he an actor?]

Cordy was just about to close the live comments section when her phone started


She hesitated a little when she saw that it was a call from Patrick, but answered it


“Are you checking out the news?” He asked immediately.

“Which one?” Cordy asked in return, despite knowing exactly what he meant.

“Since you can still make a joke, I guess you’re not in a bad mood.”

“It’s only expected. Why be moody about it?” Cordy asked in return.

“I like that attitude of yours, y’know. Staying stoic even if the world falls apart.”

Cordy didn’t want to waste her breath, and so asked, “Shouldn’t you be there right


“I am,” Patrick replied.

“Then why did you call me?” Cordy asked.

“I’m worried.”

You don’t have to be.”

“But I have this feeling that it wont go smoothly. What do you think?” Patrick asked


“I don’t think so,” Cordy argued. “Is there anyone who would ever dare sabotage a

wedding ceremony between the Levines and the Stuarts?”

“Well, let’s just wait and see.”

Cordy, however, did not take Patrick’s words to heart and continued watching the

wedding livestream.

John stood at the altar, waiting for Jessica.

It turned out that because it was a union between dynasties, the ceremony was far

more elaborate than the average wedding.

Nonetheless, after quite a while of hustle and bustle, Jessica finally stepped out of the

front porch of the hotel where she had been, appearing bright and dazzling in her

white wedding dress as she got in the waiting limousine.

The live comments were once again spammed.

[She’s so beautiful!]

[That’s crazy!]

[A match made in heaven!]

The scene cut to John’s face.

There was no hint of a smile on his face at all, and he appeared so solemn it didn’t

look like he was getting married.

Although the scene quickly cut off to something else, the eagle-eyed netizens

immediately noticed.

[Does anyone have this feeling that John Levine doesn’t look too happy?]

[I thought I saw a smile, but it feels like he’s an outsider…as if he’s not the person

who’s getting married today.]

[He probably doesn’t like Jessica. Maybe he was pressured into this by his family?]

[To think someone born with a golden spoon would have his own troubles too.

Suddenly, my failed grades don’t seem that bad…]

However, the live commentshad been lively throughout, and excessively so. The

comments about John being unhappy were soon drowned out, since there were more

heartwarming and beautiful scenes to behold.

As Jessica’s limousine headed to the largest cathedral in Rocktown, the livestream

feed cut to the interior of the cathedral, where people inside were finishing up with the

final preparations. Though the pews were already full, the lenses of the cameras

inside weren’t focusing on most of the faces since they were all WIP. Viewers were

unable to see who actually were the people in attendance, only that it was a very

grand ceremony.

It took half an hour for Jessica’s limousine to arrive. The wedding bells rang

resoundingly overhead, signaling the auspicious hour.

As Jessica arrived and alighted, Felix Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” thundered

over the speakers while the guests all rose to their feet.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Jessica, who had her hand around her father’s arm as

they advanced on the petal-filled carpet towards John.

John’s white swallowtail tuxedo seemed to add to the sanctity of the solemn

sanctuary, and he looked no different from a prince on a white horse.

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