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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 490

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Chapter 490

As Jessica walked up to John, their eyes met; hers were clearly welling with tears.

Andy Stuart, Jessica’s father, patted her on the hand, before passing her hand over to

John and giving him a clap on the shoulder.

It was a gesture that he was entrusting Jessica to her.

John nodded politely at him in turn. He and Jessica then turned towards the priest.

After performing the opening rites with great passion, the priest proceeded to the

cliched but exciting part: wedding vows.

“John Levine, do you take Jessica Stuart as your wife, in accordance with His Will…

To be eternally loyal to her, ’till death do you part?”

Everyone’s eyes were glued to John, and the cameras were focused on his face as


[Wow, he’s too handsome! Please don’t get too close, or I won’t be able to resist

licking the screen.]

[What good have I done in life, that I deserve to feast my eyes upon such


[Jessica Stuart’s the most blessed woman in the world. No buts.]

The cathedral remained silent, however.

It had been a long while, but John wasn’t saying the words he should.

Jesscia clearly couldn’t hold it in, and extended her pinky to tug at John’s own, which

he kept at his side.

The gesture was quickly captured, but Jessica’s prompt was interpreted by the

netizens into flirting by the netizens.

[That pinky swear is just adorable!]

[Oh, my poor heart…]

[I swear she even tugged at my heartstrings there.]

At the same time, Cordy couldn’t bear to watch anymore-she was a lot less composed

than she gave herself credit for.

Meanwhile, the cameras turned from their fingers back to John’s face.

John looked up at Jessica, and then at the priest.

He then said somberly, “I-”

Cordy tapped out of the live stream right then.

She was lying to herself a little, but there was no reason for people to torment

themselves in life.

She turned on the television, picking a movie at random to kill time while she

considered how long it would be until she could take Dicky away.

And after that, she and John would be strangers again…

Halfway through her movie, however, Patrick called again. The first thing he asked

was, “Wasn’t that exciting?”

Cordy frowned, having no idea what he meant and therefore answering nonchalantly,

“It’s nothing, really.”

“Oh, you really have a stout heart, don’t you?” Patrick said, genuinely impressed. “If

John knew you were that disinterested, he’d be crying himself to death on his way to

the detention center.”

“What?” Gordy’s expression stiffened, as realization dawned upon her.

“You didn’t know?!” Patrick exclaimed in surprise. “Hold on, did you avoid watching

the wedding livestream because you couldn’t face reality?”

Cordy did not reply, but instead returned to the livestream feed…which had long since

been cut off.

Since that failed, she started to Google about the wedding…only to find nothing.

Every article that covered John and Jessica’s so-called wedding of the century had


In no time at all, everything was erased so cleanly.

“Are you done searching over there?” Patrick asked unhurriedly, probably already

having an idea of what she had been doing.

“What happened?” she asked calmly.

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