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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 487

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Chapter 487

Cordy couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief after following Patrick back to his car.

She was a lot less calm as she appeared-but no one would really be fearless when

facing down a barrel.

All she could do was endure, and tell herself that Patrick was worthy of her trust.

If said trust was misplaced…so be it.

“I thought you weren’t afraid,” Patrick teased, though his tone soon turned stern. “Did

you really think yourself invincible, going in to face Jessica alone?!’

Cordy turned to look at him. “You came, didn’t you?’

“You’d be dead if I didn’t give you that transmitter,” Patrick told her somberly.

It was only fortunate that he had been thoughtful, and knew that Jessica was the type

who wouldn’t let anything stop her from getting what she wanted.

“Actually, I had you escort me so that you’d protect me. But I won’t mind coming alone

either,” Cordy admitted.

Patrick did a double take, and his tone changed. “Does that mean you knew I’d

protect you from the start? That I’d protect you in that meeting? You really are smart,

woman, saying nothing while already anticipating my every move. Did it cross your

mind that you might not be as important to me as you’d think?”

“You always pay your debts. That’s what you said,” Cordy said solemnly.

“I could be lying.”

“Either way, my gambit paid off.’

Patrick was left speechless-so everything he said was pointless, but he was

astonished regardless. “You know I prefer men, Cordy. Why’d you trust me so much?”

“That’s exactly why I find you worthy of my trust. After all, relationships between men

and women are the most fragile thing there is,” Cordy said ever so quietly.

Patrick had more to say, because he was certainly upset with the impulsive behavior

Cordy exhibited today. After all, if Jessica had hesitated for a moment longer just now,

she wouldn’t be able to spare Cordy even if she wanted to.

Even so, he couldn’t bear to scold Cordy at the sight of her calm indifference, and

decided to let it go.

After all, she had been pushed over the edge too. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have

risked her life to meet Jessica or give up on John.

Patrick’s car stopped at a private airport soon enough, but he wasn’t going with her

this time-he was injured, for one, and Rocktown was his base anyway.

Since his family was caught in such a tense situation with Jessica’s side of the family,

it was only natural he stayed to deal with the situation.

Sending her to her plane was already the extent of his kindness.

After a few simple words in parting, Cordy boarded Patirck’s private jet and was back

in North City hours later.

Four men-in-black were waiting, moving to stand before her after she disembarked.

One of them greeted her respectfully and said, “We have orders from Mr. Stuart to

escort you home.”

Cordy frowned and called Patrick, but his tone was staunch. ‘Don’t think you’re safe

just because you made it back to North City. In fact, let me put it to you this way:

there’s no place that’s safe for you given how things stand right now. That’s why I’m

having those four gentlemen keeping an eye on you 24/7. Don’t refuse me now-you

know I’m too busy to arrange your funeral.”

She never wanted to refuse, however.

In fact, all she wanted to say was, “Thank you.”

Patrick did a double take, but soon said, “Don’t die on me now. Make your business

big. That’d be the best way you can repay me.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Hanging up, Cordy followed Patrick’s bodyguards into her car.

As she looked outside at the familiar streets of North City, she realized she was

somehow dragged into the midst of so much conflict…while having no idea when it

would be over.

Be that as it may, Cordy’s life more or less returned to the right track after she went

back to North City.

She had no idea how chaotic things were in Rocktown since she wouldn’t be reading

about it on the news, and she didn’t ask Patrick either

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