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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 495

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Chapter 495

shall repay you the favor!”

“You better don’t,” John’s expressions turned cold.

“You forced me into this!” Jessica shrieked.

“You’d better watch yourself if you want your family to survive,” John threatened.

Jessica laughed. “What if I say no?”

“Then you’d suffer more than you did now.”

“And who would make me suffer? You?!” Jessica scoffed. “Your worst choice ever was

not marrying me, John Levine! You’re nothing without my family’s protection, and the

ones you want to protect would suffer too!”

“You better think about what you’re going to do!” John glowered.

Jessica stared at him.

He had only been indifferent towards her, yet he would turn against her over Cordy


“You will regret this!” Jessica laughed savagely, wiped her tears, and stormed outside.

John watched coldly as she left, his knuckles clenching.

Cordy received a call from Alan on the way back to her apartment.

“Cordy Sachs,” his stern voice spoke from the other end.

“Mr. Levine,” Cordy replied politely.

“Please come to my manor. I’ll be waiting.”

Cordy’s fingers clenched on her steering wheel-the memory of Alan whisking her off to

Levine Manor before was still fresh in her memory.

“Okay,” she agreed to it nonetheless.

The only reason she did was to get Dicky and take him away.

Moreover, after John had done so much for his sake, Alan would at least show John

some due respect and refrain from hurting her.

It was all now water under the bridge, and they just had to go along as things

developed.Cordy had trouble asking to take Dicky away, even if John already arranged for it.

Deciding to come to a compromise, she asked, “Can I visit him often, like I did


Alan didn’t have anyone else around him now.

His son and daughter-in-law died years ago, Jay’s fate was still unknown after his

accident, while John was now arrested pending trial. Only his daughter Nancy and

Nancy’s daughter Cora were still at his side after Nancy secretly divorced Ivan York,

who had long since left Levine Manor.

To think a big family like the Levines, who once embodied splendor and nobility, would

suddenly be in pieces…

Alan had heard Cordy, but he didn’t answer for a long while, leaving Cordy a little

bitter and crestfallen.

She certainly didn’t have the ability to take Dicky away, just as her conscience and

morals stopped her from doing so.

That being said, Dicky was her son, and she couldn’t pretend that he didn’t exist or

stay away from him for too long.

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