Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

In the visitor’s room, Jessica was staring tearfully at John, but he remained indifferent.

“Was it worth it? Doing this for Cordy?” she eventually asked.

“It has nothing to do with her,” John replied. “The situation simply calls for it.”

“I know you did it for her,” Jessica said staunchly.

“I wont joke around when my life is on the line.”

“You’d die for her!”

John became silent at that, whereas Jessica laughed even as tears flowed down her

cheeks, making her appear lunatic.

“Did you know, John?” she asked. “I’m getting engaged again.”

John blinked.

It appeared he still had some feelings left in him.

On the other hand, Jessica’s tears flowed freely as she continued, but she seemed to

feel nothing. “That’s my family for you-everyone is a tool the moment they’re born. My

parents, myself and my brother are no

exceptions. I’ve always thought I’ve been blessed with a family like this, that even

though I had no freedom in life and I don’t get to choose who I marry, it was someone

I loved anyway.”

“It wouldn’t matter even if you didn’t love me-l’d be content with just having you with

me after we’re married…so how could you do this to me?! How am I less than Cordy

Sachs?! I met you before she did, I’ve been with you far longer than she had been,

and I love you more than she ever would! Why cant you love me? Why do you refuse

to even look at me?”

John’s gaze remained aloof and he never reacted, while Jessica was talking herself

into a nervous breakdown.

The instant John was taken away, she wanted to interrogate him immediately after.

Even so, the family kept her under a tight leash and forbade her from leaving. Her

grandfather only let her leave after she agreed to marry another man, allowing her to

see John.

“I’m sorry,” John finally said.

Jessica gasped-he only said two cool words after she had said so much?!

She laughed as she glared at him. “You’d rather die than marry me now, don’t you?! I

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