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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 497

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Chapter 497

Alan repeated, “Go. Take Dicky with you.’

Cordy stared at him for a while, and then said, “If you miss him, call me anytime. I’d

bring him to you, whether you’re in North City or abroad.”

Alan nodded slightly.

“Take care of yourself,” Cordy said, rising to her feet and giving him a small bow

before leaving his study.

As she headed downstairs to the lobby, Dicky was already sitting obediently on the

couch, waiting for her.

Once she appeared, he promptly ran up to greet her. “Mommy!”

The clear, little voice warmed Cordy’s heart-her son was truly the greatest fort she had

in life.

Crouching in front of the boy, she asked, “You’re going to live with me now, okay?”

“Okay. Daddy told me I’d be staying with you after he married Jessica…but he didn’t,

did he?” Dicky asked in confusion. “Did Daddy do something wrong? Why was he


Cordy felt a little bitter.

The boy had just started to attend grade school—too young to worry about adult’s

affairs when he should be enjoying a carefree childhood.

“Don’t worry. Your daddy is going to be fine,” she assured him.

“That’s what he told me,” Dicky said confidently. “He said he’d definitely be fine no

matter what happens to him, and told me to take care of you while he’s away.”

Cordy’s eyes welled with tears, feeling like she owed Dicky a lot since he was so


“Don’t cry, Mommy. I’m a man now! I’ll take good care of you,” Dicky said seriously,

putting his little hands on her cheeks just then. “You have me no matter what

happens. I’ll never ever leave you.”

Okay,” Cordy said, calming herself down.

She rose to her feet and left with Dicky, turning back just as she stepped out the front


Dicky did so too, and they saw Alan on his wheelchair, watching them from the

second-floor balcony.

Cordy told Dicky softly, “Go on. Say goodbye to your great-grandpa.”

Dicky obediently waved at Alan, but Cordy was too far to see if there were tears in

Alan’s eyes.

John’s arrest was unquestionably a big deal, so various media outlets reported on

Levine Ventures for a long while, rooting out every affair the Levines ever had.

That included Levine Ventures’ management, which was deteriorating by the day, and

the mysterious disappearance of Jay Parker. In fact, there were rumors spreading

online that Jay ran away since he knew the Levines were in huge trouble, and that he

was adopted anyway.

Despite all sorts of rumors spreading like wildfire, the Levines never came forward to

dismiss them.

Instead, they finally went public to announce that they were liquidating Levine


No one could’ve expected that all the crazy rumors would turn out to be true, just as

countless netizens were left in disbelief by the official announcement.

It had just been two months since John’s arrest, but were they really not going to fight

for their own survival? It was as if they were in pieces right after John was gone—was

there really no one who could keep things together?

Even so, that was just how it was.

Once Levine Ventures announced its liquidation, every other major enterprise was

getting in on the action.

After all, Levine Ventures was a corporate giant that stood at the top of various fields

and industries in North City. Anyone who acquired it would rise to the top immediately.

Naturally, no single corporation was big enough to acquire the entirety of Levine

Ventures on their own.

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