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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 501

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Chapter 501

After sending off Dicky, Cordy headed to the courthouse.

Although she was used to the presence of her four bodyguards who shadowed her

everywhere, by now, the journalists camped outside were shocked by it and were a

little afraid to get close.

After looking around, they quickly decided that they couldn’t resist a headline, and

started to flock around Cordy.

The bodyguards quickly moved to shield her, so the journalists had to ask their

questions from three feet away by shouting very loudly.

“What are you doing here, Miss Sachs? Do you have some sort of relationship with

John Levine? There were photos circulating of you being very close to his son!”

“What’s your relationship with Patrick Stuart? Are you dating?’

“What is your opinion of the Stuarts’ direct annulment of Jessica Stuart and John

Levine’s engagement?”

Cordy was already in a bad mood and had no patience for the journalists even as they

peppered her with questions, and thus responded halfheartedly, “I wouldn’t waste the

public’s time with my own personal affairs, so I won’t elaborate. As for Jessica Stuart

and John Levine’s engagement, that’s their business, and you shouldn’t be asking


“As for what I’m doing here…” she paused. ‘I’m just reciprocating Mr. Levine’s

courtesy when he attended my trial before.”

And with those words, she gestured for the bodyguards to escort her into the


“Miss Sachs…”

“Miss Sachs!”

The journalists kept calling Cordy, but she ignored them; her focus was entirely on

John’s trial.

Once she entered the courtroom, she spotted Sam and Bob from afar…and frowned.

Was that Cora Levine sitting beside Bob?

Cordy naturally recognized Cora since she had been making public appearances from

time to time and was just starting to make her mark in showbiz, although she wasn’t

that well known.

Still, Bob and Sam both spotted her. Sam waved at Cordy, gesturing for her to


Cordy hesitated for a while, but went anyway.

For one, she had no reason to reject John’s friends. She was positive they both knew

that John took on those criminal charges for her sake, and that she had no reason to


Moreover, they were sitting directly opposite the defendant’s seat.

As Cordy sat down, everyone including Cora greeted her. Cora appeared a little shy

as she watched Cordy and introduced herself, “Hello, Miss Sachs. I’m Cora Levine.”

“Hello,” Cordy nodded slightly, her response a little distant.

After all, Cordy didn’t know Cora and what the latter was like. After what happened to

Zoe, Cordy couldn’t think highly of Cora.

Cora could sense that Cordy was keeping her at arm’s length too, and tactfully did not

try to keep talking to her.

Cordy naturally did not place her attention on Cora, and directly asked Bob, “Where’s


Bob’s face dropped, and Cordy frowned as she obviously could tell his emotional


Was there an issue between them?

With her woman’s intuition, she could tell that things were complicated between Bob

and Cora despite the distance between them.

“Zoe? Why?” Sam butted in. “She’s been gone a while, hasn’t she? Wait, I forgot. You

were quite close with her, just like Quinn. Honestly, I don’t get what it is about Zoe that

draws you both to her, especially with that potty mouth of hers.”

Cordy had more to say, but quickly stopped herself-it was obvious Sam wasn’t aware

that Bob and Zoe had been dating, and Bob wasn’t going public about it.

“By the way, Cora here is Bob’s girlfriend. Surprised?” Sam added.

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