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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 507

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Chapter 507

The voice recording was played, and the entire courtroom listeend.

A middle-aged man’s deep voice rang first. “Using John Levine’s authority for market

manipulation? He’ll kill me if he finds out!”

“Don’t worry-he’ll never find out,’ another man’s voice replied, clearly younger and

more composed.

“No. I can’t.”

“You don’t want to get paid?” the younger man asked threateningly.

“Mr. Levine pays us plenty. And I’m not that ambitious,” the middle-aged man refused


“Really? What if someone finds this?”

The younger man appeared to be showing the middle-aged man another recordingeveryone in the
courtroom could hear erotic moaning, and it was obvious what it was.

The middle-aged man sounded flustered. “W-Where did you get that?!”

“That’s not the point,’ the younger man told him, “but I do wonder if you could stay in

Levine Ventures if you’re found messing around with women. I’ve also heard about

your mother’s cancer, and being treated aboard was costing you several grand each


“Stop,” the middle-aged man gave in immediately. “What do I do?”

“It’s simple. We’ve already made a dummy account under John’s name, and you just

have to make contact with some investors who’ve been working closely with him and

claim that you’re working as his

representative. I’m sure you’d know who amongst these partners are worth your time

or not.”

“But once they realize they’re swindled, they’ll definitely take it up with Mr. Levine,” the

middle-aged man said in concern.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Once they pay up, I have all the ways I need to

silence them.”


“It’s exactly the same case with you,’ the younger man added confidently.” I mean,

would you dare to reject me now?’

“…Fair enough,’ the middle-aged man agreed to the conspiracy.

The recording ended there.

Once again, the courtroom became rowdy as everyone started to discuss the veracity

of the recording. There was no telling who the people in the recording were.

It was obvious that both men were prudent, avoiding mentioning each other’s name

throughout their conversation.

Standing before the judges, Toby said, “It’s evident from the recording that my client is

a victim of identity fraud, to which he had knowledge of.

Moreover, I’m sure Your Honor could identify that one of the men in that recording is

Wade Jonas, who’s right here in this courtroom.”

In fact, Wade’s face had dropped the instant that recording started playing. His face

paled when Toby mentioned him by name.

His lips were shuddering, and he kept stammering without saying anything coherent,

clearly terrified.

Still, he worked hard to keep himself calm and cry out, “N-No, that’s not me! I never

had my voice recorded! I don’t know where it came from! I’m being framed!”

“Your honor,” Sean said, rising in his seat. “After examining the evidence that the

defendant produced, I found several inconsistencies. Firstly, while John Levine’s

accounts and revenue are clean, we cannot dismiss the possibility that he wired the

illegal revenue to other individuals, such as his family or a third-party’s account. We

cannot determine if he did not profit illegally from his personal accounts alone.”

“Secondly, Wade Jonas and Hunter Stevenson’s testimonies already confessed their

involvement. Their accusations are effective as evidence against the defendant.”

“Thirdly, while I have listened to the recording the defense counsel had provided,

there is no definitive evidence that one of the voices is Wade Jonas. Moreover, it is

conveniently easy to fabricate a recording with any man’s voice. Even if it wasn’t,

Wade Jonas may have been under duress when the recording was made.”

“In summary, I assert that the evidence the defendant provided is inconsistent as

evidence in a court of law.”

Sean certainly voiced his argument with logic and reason.

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