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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 509

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Chapter 509

Be that as it may, Judge Rackham’s words left the courtroom in a stalemate.

He had the highest authority here, and if he said he rejected the evidence, the

evidence would be rejected.

And yet, everyone knew that at this very moment, the ledgers Toby wanted to submit

carried the ultimate truth to the whole matter.

In fact, everyone’s hearts that were racing a moment ago screeched to a stop right


After all, no one could take something like this.

Someone snapped out loud, “Why is reasonable evidence being rejected?! Does the

judge have problems facing reality?”

“Order!” Judge Rackham bellowed, glowering. “I will have order in this courtroom!”

Right after he spoke, a bailiff approached the person who just spoke out and escorted

him out of the court.

Naturally, no one else would dare to make a sound at that point.

However, just as Judge Rackham was ready to bang his gavel and give his verdict, a

voice spoke resoundingly, “Your Honor.”

It was Sean, and he certainly caught everyone by surprise as he continued,” Please

accept the evidence submitted by the defense counsel and continue the trial. The

prosecution has a duty to uncover the truth.”

His tone was respectful, but there was an edge in his voice that permitted no refusal.

Sean’s status already outranked most, since the Cranstons were a family of politicians

who were famous in the capital. In fact, the most well-known politicians in the country

would be more or less connected to them, and the likes of Judge Rackham would

never dare to challenge him.

Despite Sean’s determined tone, however, Judge Rackham was still a little hesitant

since the Stuarts paid him a little personal visit earlier, asking that he adjourn John

Levine’s trial and reconvene later if things looked bad.

But if he had to choose between the Cranstons and the Stuarts, the only option was to

offend the Stuarts. Moreover, those two families were very cordial these days, and

Sean was the one who asked that the trial continue anyway. If the Stuarts had a bone

to pick, they can take it up with Sean.

With that in mind, Judge Rackham said, “The court recognizes the new evidence

submitted by the defense counsel.”

Cordy breathed a sigh of relief in her seat.

She was genuinely surprised Sean would make such a request, which undoubtedly

helped John’s case.

Was the man such an embodiment of justice, or he did not care at all that he was

hurting the Stuarts’ cause?

Cordy turned to glance at Quinn, who was a lawyer and had better insight of

everything that was happening in the trial.

Quinn gave Cordy a nod, telling her that Sean was really that just and unbiased.

At the same time, the trial continued with Toby handing copies of the ledgers in

question to Judge Rackham and the prosecution.

Everyone studied the ledgers solemnly, checking the record and timing of every wire

transfer—logically, there was no issue in applying it as evidence.

Sean was soon done reading as well, and asked, ‘I have a question, Mr. Yorkman.

While you’ve highlighted the existence of those accounts where the illegal revenue

was wired, how can you prove that they’re not connected to the defendant?”

The man was certainly quick when it came to jumping straight into the heart of the



Toby deliberately trailed off just then, as he whipped out yet another document-further

evidence he prepared.

Then, facing Sean straight-on, Toby said ever so succinctly, “Because those accounts

were affiliated to Stuart Holdings.”

In contrast to the earlier uproar, the court was left in utter silence once Toby finished.

John Levine was the defendant here. How did Stuart Holdings suddenly get dragged

into this?

It was assuredly a bombshell of a reversal!

Sean, however, remained calm as ever. “What’s the evidence to support your claim?”

Once again, Toby handed the documents he was carrying to Judge Rackham and the


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